Saturday, February 04, 2006

It's hard to think of anything apart from the terrible news we got on Thursday. My feelings seem mirrored by the grey cloud that's blanketing the skies and seems to stifle all impulses towards hope and optimism.

The only laugh I had was when I was talking to T about toilet paper that was supposed to be "fluffy" but wasn't - the way she said "fluffy" and the indignant note in her voice just cracked me up; I was actually crying with laughter. I'm off down south to visit T today; back on Tuesday. Was awake a lot of the night worrying about getting lost on the Underground LOL. Phil has just told me I'd be an idiot if I got lost as it's DEAD SIMPLE...hmm. We'll see.

Am really looking forward to seeing T again and having a couple of days "off duty" although of course I'll miss Phil and the girls. Kate read part of my last entry yesterday; thank goodness I'd said something nice about her! Her neck is still sore which is a worry. She was uncomfortable at school yesterday so I hope it improves over the weekend.

I guess I'd better finish getting dressed!

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