Saturday, March 25, 2006

I am worried as I haven't heard from A in California or K in Canada in a few days. I'm hoping all is well. If I hear nothing by tomrrow I'm calling them both.

P went up to the Lakes today to a meeting and I took S riding - she did really well on her favourite pony - the pony that most of the girls are too scared to ride! They did a lot of cantering and she looked so exhilerated! I'm so proud of her.

The rest of the day I did laundry and chores. Very exciting stuff. But tomorrow is Mothers Day so I don't want to be doing the vacuuming then! The girls and I are going swimming in the morning and then we are meeting P's family for lunch. Personally I'd rather it was just us but the day isn't just about me but about P's mum too and she's been a wonderful second mum to me.

I got the loveliest card and flowers from T. I spent some time taking photos of these perfect blooms. She is so kind to me and I feel so undeserving.

I'm so lucky to have so many wonderful friends to say nothing of a wonderful "adopted" daughter!


Thursday, March 23, 2006

We could do with some warmer weather. I wish i could just hop on a plane to somewhere warm! ! We are having the coldest March for 20 years!! This time last year our temps were around 20C and this year they struggle to get above 7C. How on earth do Canadians survive??
Tiggy (senior cat) fell in the toilet earlier on. The dog had knocked over the water bowl and we had forgot to refill it so I guess Tiggy got thirsty. I told K she was too slow; one flush and our problems with incontinent senior animals would be half over!
We had K's parent/teacher interviews last night and S's tonight. K got incredibly glowing reports from every teacher; she seems to be good at everything she does! S is doing very well too although maths is a bit of an issue like mother, like daughter! I am just so proud of them both. I don't think academic success is the be-all and end-all of life BUT I'm so happy that they are both working hard and getting results.

T is away visiting her mum and I miss her already! She won't be back until Tuesday. I'm really looking forward to her next visit here.

I have been working more on the website and have changed it quite a bit; I like this look more although P disagrees! It's certainly addictive. Like I need another internet addiction!

TGIF tomorrow!

Monday, March 20, 2006

I've been feeling energetic today and attacked the build-up of household paperwork! I also booked in the service for the central heating boiler. Of such boring domestic details does my life consist and how sad am I that I get a buzz out of ticking something off my "to-do" list???

Very bad news, though, today we heard that the wonderful ADAM, best aerobics teacher in the world, is leaving Northgate Arena for a better job in Manchester. We are all heartbroken. I just hope we get a decent replacement although I doubt anyone else could be as good.

P thinks that our senior cat is losing bowel control - yeuch. I have suspected as much for a while. Apart from that he's pretty lively and so loving BUT not sure I can cope with more shit smeared around the house. We are fast becoming a no-go zone for friends and relatives and I'm sure the house smells despite my placing various air-freshener devices in every corner. He's nearly 18; I just want him to expire peacefully in his sleep so I don't have to have him put down :( Don't want to make that decision.

My old school friend CL invited me to a school reunuion. We have a mutual friend visiting from Canada soon and CL has put together a lunch for her with about 12 former high school classmates. As it happens I can't attend as T will be visiting and P is away in Mull but I didn't want to go anyway. I think there are people who like these sort of things and people who don't and I'm the latter. People I care about from the past I've kept up with, and they with me, the rest I'm happy to remain as memories. CL I'm sure thinks I'm anti-social. Last Friday I met an old college classmate on a course. It was nice to see her; we had an enjoyable catch-up chat but soon ran out of things to say. I don't want an afternoon of that x 12, thanks. However it will be good to see my friend from Canada but on a one-to-one basis preferrably!

I'm not a total social misfit however as the Helsby Coven are convening for drinks tomorrow night; should be fun :) Here's to staggering home shrieking along the main road very late at night even if we are all in our forties now!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I have been putting together a website, even bought my own domain name! it's very early days really and I'm just playing around with it but it's fun.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

You Are 10% Evil

You are good. So good, that you make evil people squirm.
Just remember, you may need to turn to the dark side to get what you want!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

It's SNOWING again here! I'm worried about the frogspawn which appeared in our pond this week. I suggested to Phil last night that we scoop it out of the pond and into a bucket and bring it indoors until the cold snap passed but he refused. It will die if it gets too cold so I told him a whole frog generation will be wiped out but does he care? No!

I hope G and T make it up here; it's not good weather for driving. I am baking them chocolate cake.

Friday, March 10, 2006

I'm feeling a bit lacking in something this week. The horrible weather hasn't helped; several days of wet and windy weather with everything grey and gloomy outside! I have had some productive time at work however, although there are still problems...

A busy weekend is in prospect and I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to fit everything in - will be so glad when the football season is ended. It takes up so much TIME. I'm in that state of mind where I want to go to bed and stay there with a good book for several days at a time!

We are looking forward to having visitors on Sunday which should brighten the end of the week/start of next week. I'm just hoping no massive snowfalls put them off travelling.

The site seems great with two new members whom I really admire and like this week :)

I'm still feeling really blobby - why does so much socialising involve food? I can not eat by avoiding food but if it's there in front of me can i resist? Not at will-power, sadly....

Right, off to bed.

Monday, March 06, 2006

T has gone home today after a week's visit and I'm sad! I miss her. It's nice to have another female in the house to talk to. K does not talk very much these days and S talks an awful lot but not exactly conversation, bless her. It reminds me a bit of talks with my mum when we were both adults and i have missed those talks so much since she died.

P and K both have bad colds. I'm hoping I don't get ill. I have too much to do this week!

I took the photo above on Friday when P, T and I drove into Snowdonia in Wales. It was a beautiful day out and the scenery was amazing. I'm quite pleased with this picture. Certainly brings back happy memories!