Monday, January 30, 2006

Well, I really worked hard at aerobics with Adam this morning. I love that class. He has told us he may be starting dance classes on Sunday mornings which would be great. I enjoyed the gym too. I love to exercise if only it didn't hurt my joints so much.

It was quite a grey day today unlike the lovely sunny weather we had over the weekend. Late this afternoon Sian and I huddled in the sitting room watching "Independence Day" - I kept drifting off to sleep.

T and I looked at the entries on the latest Cafe competition. There were only 48. If you think that probably at least 6 staff members entered two images that's possibly only a very small number of actual members who entered, which is sad. The site is growing so fast but maybe too fast? Maybe it's just me but it doesn't seem the same these days. I still feel sad about it occasionally because I put so much into it. But the new site is fun despite its small size! It's still a challenge to try to make people happy.

Took this picture yesterday on an evening walk at sunset with Phil across Frodsham Golf course. We saw golfers! That was a first. Such a beautiful, beautiful light. I saw gorse bushes starting to flower which makes me think spring is on its way.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

I have just received my pinhole glasses through the post. They are causing the family great amusement when I put them on for the required 15 minutes per day watching TV. Kate says I look weird. The weird thing is they actually make a difference. I can see things more sharply through the tiny holes. I don't know if they'll work but I'm going to give it a go. Apparently they can work wonders on some people, more or less like the Bates method can do.

I don't know what T will say when she sees me wearing them!

The other thing of note that happened today was I realised I've been using my tin opener wrongly for the last twelve or so years. Talk about a blonde moment!! Phil has threatened to tell everyone I know so I'm getting in first!!

I did Mel's slutty test and came out at 47% slut. This is less slutty than Mel and more slutty than T! I'm not sure how I feel about that!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Well, it's Saturday and it's been SUNNY. Cold but sunny. We went down to Heswall shore today and took a couple of pics. Forgot my wellies - big mistake.

Had an email from my California penpal. She misses us. I miss her too!! That's the downside to making friends in other countries - you don't get to see them that often. Sometimes I just want to see her and have a coffee and a chat - and I can't! Well, not without a twelve-hour flight!

I miss K too. I have booked time off to go to Canada but not sure yet if I'll make it. Sian will just have started High School and I'm not sure how she'll cope. I really want to go to see K. I wish I could take the family with me...

We really want to go back to California in summer 2007. We are going to take a couple of days in Chicago and Phil wants to meet up with Mel - well, I do too of course!! We need to keep SAVING.

I'm excited about seeing T next weekend, just hope I can negotiate my way around the London Undergroubd without getting lost.

I've been full of depressing thoughts about how fast the girls are growing up; keep doing these sums in my head about how many more years before Kate leaves home etc. I'm insane I know - they are 12 and 10! But time just flies by and I want it to slow down.

Those times when they're little and hard to cope with passes so fast although it seems endless at the time. I worry that I'll fall apart when they leave me - find a life without purpose.

Anyway, that's me for today! Phil is making coffee (from California) so I'll go drink some!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Well, I have done it; have resigned from the Cafe. It hasn't taken affect yet but no doubt will have done by tomorrow. I feel sad but very relieved. Glad that bit of my life is now over (hopefully).
I am so tired in the mornings. Just want to stay under the covers and sleep all day. I make myself get up by promising myself an afternoon nap although that NEVER happens!

Am off to the gym - really do not want to go but I must. My ankles really hurt still from Mondays aerobics/gym session. This damp weather is horrible on my joints, I'm moving like a very old woman.

Made a big decision last night; I'm asking P & M on the Cafe to find someone else to do Centre Stage. I'm finding it harder and harder to do. It's harder to get people to agree to do it; even if they say yes they often don't come through with an article so I have to press them (which I HATE doing) and then it's hard to drum up questions afterwards. I'm sure there are eager Mods just waiting to leap into my shoes! To be honest I've lost heart for it and it's started to be something I totally dread instead of something I really enjoyed.

No-one on the Cafe ever responded properly to my repeated posts on "what's happening in the future"; if there is any planning for the site being done I'm left out of it. The Lounge used to be a lively and active area now it's almost moribund. No-one asks for my input or my opinion, I'm like a blue ghost wandering the halls and it's a weird feeling; I loved that site once and thought I had so many friends there. But many of the familiar faces have left, drifted away or appear only seldom; instead there are hordes of new people who appear and disappear and only a few linger long enough to make an impression. The site is certainly growing fast which is great but the sense of a real community has (IMHO) vanished. I feel this is because the heart of the site (the mods and admin teams) is still fragmented. Maybe if I resign as a Mod they'd start taking openly in the Lounge again? Who knows?

It's starting to hurt less though (hurray) and I'm not worrying over it so much any more. Which is good.

Time to head for the gym...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I've been busy with household chores today; moving slowly as i'm stiff from my aerobics yesterday. I need to tell the instructor that my joints just can't cope with some parts of his routine! I hate to admit I quite enjoy some housework. Today I was clearing out cupboards and it feels GOOD to de-junk, de-clutter etc. I wish P felt the same. The build up of his papers etc in the study means I can't lift the lid to my filing chest to put anything away in there.

I've just heard my dear godson has to have a small operation in April. It's routine really but any operation is a worry especially when it's someone you love and someone else i love may be having an operation next week :(

Another new member on the Corner today which is good.

Monday, January 16, 2006

I really MUST learn how to use my camera; I MUST learn more about the basics of photography; MUST read that book T gave me: I MUST print off and read up some PS tutorials: I MUST increase my bust...oops, didn't mean that last bit.

The new website is looking great and there are such great pictures being uploaded, I feel quite shy about putting my own stuff up there.

I'm looking forward to L's party on Saturday night; we should have a laugh especially on the fire engine. L is the last of our "Coven" to turn 40 - next big birthday will be my 50th I think (gulp)

Am still reading the news obsessively for stuff about bird flu; can literally feel my heart jump with fear sometimes when I think about it so try to not think about it too much. Resolve not to be so obsessive - LOL.


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Quite a busy weekend - took S riding and although she was tired she did very well on Stoll. Then J & Pl came for the afternoon and dinner - cooked my beef in red wine pot-roast. Again! Soon everyone will have eaten it and I will have to find a new recipe.

Read more of M's blog - how she finds the time to do all she does AND write about it I don't know.

We finally hung the new photos today; all except Derry's one which we haven't framed yet. Persuaded P to hang "Sand art" in our room and it looks great. Also put "Inspiration" up in the stair hallway and it looks great :)

So T, it's not in the toilet or the garage!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Have had such a laugh this evening talking to T. It's nice to go to bed happy :)
Am seriously contemplating resigning from the PC - maybe just as mod, maybe altogether. Am going to start writing my resignation letter in Word as it may take me some weeks to put together. I'm really enjoying the Photographers Corner so maybe it's time to put the Cafe behind me as P keeps telling me and MOVE ON.

Sunday, January 08, 2006