Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bad days for relationships!!

Feeling grumpy? Well, today is the day couples are most likely to have an argument, according to a relationship expert.

The theory is that post-holiday blues combined with the end of the summer and no more bank holidays until Christmas conspire together to make August 30 the day tempers will fray.

Paula Hall, a sexual and relationship psychotherapist, said the arguments can be explained by a simple equation: Post-Holiday Depression + Financial Strains - Lack of Light/Domestic Chaos = Relationship Stress.

"By August 30, tensions have reached an all time high, as couples realise their summer is well and truly over," Hall said.

"This often manifests itself in bickering and needless arguments which is not healthy for the well-being of a relationship."

Thanks to YAHOO for that cheery piece of news!! It's lucky that P has gone to London today and won't be back until mid-evening.

He wasn't happy with me yesterday! He got home and I was on the phone, but as soon as I could excuse myself I ended the call - served dinner right away and tried to talk but he wasn't responding very well. Afterwards he went into the sitting room with tea and started watching a TV show he'd recorded. I pottered around a bit then watched another TV show with S. P went up to the computer room where he stayed for the next two hours, then came down to do dishes. Then I went onto the computer and at some point he must have gone to bed although he didn't say goodnight :( or tell me he was going. I missed him!!! It sometimes seems lately that we are never actually in the same room for more than half an hour at a time.

I know one of the problems is we both want time on the computer. I am happy to go on late evening but he doesn't like me coming to bed late. So we alternate during the evening and thus don't spend any time together.

I certainly have "end of the summer" blues. Now it's almost upon me I'm DREADING working that extra day! I keep saying "extra money, extra money!" but it's not really working. I'm already starting with the sick pains in my stomach and I still have over a week to go before it starts. I don't know why i get in such a state about work. It's as if there's some demon lurking there that I can't see but am afraid will leap out at me. Is this how paranoia starts????

There are times when I only feel "safe" at home or when in my own routine. I don't mean I'm afraid to go out as I'm not - I just want to be in familiar places.

Anyway, I am going to take Sian swimming so had better get myself moving.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I see the Photog Cafe has a new moderator called Julie!! It seems weird to see my name up there in blue although I was always CG.It seems these days that if you are an active member for a few weeks you get asked to be a moderator! It is one way of ensuring a degree of loyalty I suppose.

I manage to go whole weeks now without visiting there - progress!

It surprises me how hurt I still feel by all that went on there. And what a bad judge of character I was - how easily I was taken in by that grand manipulator, PS. With the benefit of hindsight and from talking to others I can see how she groomed all of us in turn. How she made us feel special and unique. How she'd confide in each of us, warning us not to tell anyone else, as she felt she could rely on our discretion....and then you'd accidentally find out she'd told half-a-dozen people the same thing. How she told me all about a fellow admin's marital problems to say nothing of forwarding me private emails!!

I can't believe it took me so long to see how insincere the whole ethos of that site actually is! Some of the Corner members who have joined there too have told me they soon realised the "niceness" and chummy atmosphere was only on the surface.More fool me!

I don't suppose PS loses an iota of sleep over how she treated me and others, or that one tiny ripple of self-doubt ever disturbs the complacency of her self-satisfied mind. Maybe one day she'll do a bit of soul-searching and realise her actions and behaviour have long-lasting effects on others but I doubt it.
I'm breaking off from my holiday blog - I'm feeling sad tonight. Was going to have an early night but ended up staying up late and posting comments on the Corner. I can't sleep when I'm sad.

P has invited family over tomorrow for a big BBQ. He looked at the forecast and it was fine!! The latest forecast we checked had it raining here in the northwest at 4pm - exactly when the grill is due to be lit. Oh dear...

Good news is that S has a place in the next riding class up - on alternate weeks. She's been awaiting this promotion for some time and we are both thrilled. She'll be riding bigger horses and jumping again. Sadly I won't get to see her ride on Saturday next as I'm working :(

I must go to bed or I'll be totally wiped out tomorrow and no use as a hostess - not that I am in any case!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Monday 7th August
We went to Brinkburn Priory today. It was sunny and warm and the Priory was as beautiful and tranquil as we remembered it from last visit!

Afterwards we drove to Warkworth Castle where we had a picnic. I had fun looking through windows at the view and then trying to under-expose to get the detail in the window surrounds as well as outside!
Afterwards we hired a boat on the river for an hour and both Phil and Kate rowed very well. Walked around Warkworth Village and had coffee. On the way back we stopped in Rothbury and bought sausages at the good butchers there - Simonside Sizzlers and Cragside Cracklers LOL.

Tuesday 8th August
We went to Belsay House, Castle and gardens for a relaxing day wandering around the estate. We watched a game of croquet which was interesting even though we didn't understand it! I have some birthday cards and a very mysterious parcel waiting for me back at the cottage!!

Wednesday 9th August - MY BIRTHDAY!!

I can't help being childishly excited on my birthdays! Phil had got up early to take photos of the sunrise but Gerry texted me at 7 am and T rang me around 8 am for a lovely chat. P eventually got home and I opened my cards and presents. I had a beautiful and extravagant box of chocs from T! Then my parents in law phoned.
After bacon sandwiches for breakfast we went to Alnwick Gardens. The Treehouse was a bit of a letdown - unfriendly staff and we totally failed to get served in the cafe! we enjoyed the cascades and the gardens and especially the poison garden, the sculpture garden and the bamboo maze.We had a special birthday meal in the Anglers Arms. A really happy day!! I was given a beautiful Radley bag, purse and make-up case plus a protective case for my MP3 player and the Nigella Lawson book "Feast".

Friday, August 18, 2006

Saturday 5th August
The Piries went home today. We went to Bamburgh Castle and flew Sian's new kite on the beach then had a picnic in the car.Then we drove to Lindisfarne (Holy Island), visited the castle and the priory. Sadly the sun had gone in and the skies clouded over so not so good for photos. On the way home we had a wonderful dinner at a pub called The Anglers Arms.

Friday,August 4th
Today we went to Chillingham Castle - supposedly haunted!We met up with the Pirie family from next door there. The torture chamber was just as gruesome as we remembered from last time! Put Sian and Bethany in the stocks :)but relented and let them out again later.

Took some pics of the flowers in the knot garden.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Thursday, August 3rd

Bright and sunny day so we went to Dunstanburgh Castle.

After that we had lunch in the Cragside tearoom and explored the estate some more. We found a couple more of the "Inside, outside" installations including a bed floating on a lake!

Phil and I took our regular evening walk after supper.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tuesday 1st August
Bright start to the day but everyone late getting up! We went to Cragside and wandered around the grounds between showers. Flowers looked amazing!

We looked at the strange art installations they have around called "Inside outside".

In the afternoon we walked from the cottage to Rothbury Vilage. Later I met a lovely sheepdog called Moss belonging to Tosson Tower Farm.

Northumberland holiday diary
Sunday 30th July

Today was sunny and breezy. I took some photos of the cottage, view from the cottage and the lane this morning. We went grocery shopping to or not, we have to eat therefore we have to shop! In the afternoon we climbed the hill behind the cottage and admired the view with our neighbours. After supper we played cards and went for a walk.

I am home from my trip! We returned yesterday and although I'm still swamped with unpacking, laundry etc I wanted to stop by my blog. We had a great trip. I kept a holiday diary which I hope to upload with pictures over the next few days.

The photo is of a hanging sculpture by fashion designer Stella McCartney which is in the entrance hall of Belsay House, Northumberland. It's called "Lucky Spot" and is very beautiful; my photo sadly doesn't do it justice!