Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thanks to everyone who made such supportive comments on my last post; I'm so grateful to all of you who stop by and encourage me when i'm feeling low!

One of my "things" on wedding shoots is looking for people taking photos and photographing them and if i can catch the image on the back of the camera that's an added vbonus. Here is a shot of the camcorder screen with the screen in focus and the subject thrown out of foucus - I like it, hope you do too.

Another busy week has flown by and i can see I'm going to need to be more disciplined about time now I'm working full time. I also rode this week and i've spent quite a bit of time creating a wedding album for M&K. I'm so enjoying that but it is painstaking work and I get quite absorbed, only to realise hours have flown by!

We got our new sample albums through this week and they are GORGEOUS; more expensive than the ones we currently use but really outstanding. I can't wait to photograph them and put them on the website.

In between everything else I'm gardening every moment i can. I am thrilled my potatoes in sacks are growing like crazy. I just love this time of year in the garden when everything is fresh and lush.

It's boiling hot tonight and Phil is doing a BBQ - better see if he needs a hand!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sometimes I get really disheartened. I don't know what makes one day, one mood so different from the previous one.

I wonder if I expect too much from myself. I don't like doing anything less than well. That makes it all too easy for me to give up if things seem too difficult or beyond my capabilities. I'm not very patient either. I look at Sian riding and wish like mad I could magically transform myself into a rider of her standard, instead of having to painfully and effortfully start at the beginning and relearn all the basics with a body that's 30 years older than when I last rode seriously!

I love the wedding photography but sometimes I think I should just give up because I'm only going to fail at that, eventually...

Those old friendship issues have popped up again; I'm going through one of those "I have no friends!" phases - when I can't believe that anyone likes me really but they just sort of tolerate having me around! I miss Karen like mad at times like this; she'd always talk sense into me and tell me not to be such a miserable pain in the backside. At times like this I feel so stupid and needy - but I have to hold on and believe it will pass.

I'm still occasionally fretting over what i thought was a close friendship that just ended really oddly; I want to know WHY and yet I'm also afraid of knowing. Oh dear, I even annoy myself when I get like this!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Two detail images from our most recent wedding; we had a fabulous time and the couple are very happy with our work - my cup runneth over!

I have been so busy editing photos and also starting to put together an album for another couple at the same time as starting full-time hours. I'm pretty tired. I love doing the albums though. I have this weird mental block about starting one but once I have, I find it hard to leave off.

I am hoping we might get some bookings from this latest wedding - this business is so crowded and SO competitive and personal recommendations are the best way to get more clients. I am just more and more in love with wedding photography with each wedding I do. I know that Phil & put our hearts and souls into the business because it means so much to us both.

I've had a health scare but am relieved to report all is well. I can't fault the NHS; I got seen by a specialist really quickly and had anything been amiss it would have been caught early!

I can see my blogging will be sporadic; I can only do so much LOL and with a business, a job, a family and volunteering plus all the other stuff like gardening, cooking, housework and riding something has got to give. I am reading blogs but not always commenting. I have to keep up with what my blogfriends are up to!

And now this tired old blogger is off to bed...