Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It's been ages since I blogged. Life has been busy. I am supposedly on jury service this week and last week. I only served two days last week on an actual jury and the case was amazingly trivial. The worst thing was the attitudes of some of the other jurors. It all comes out...the racial remarks disguised as jokes, religious intolerance and above all SEXISM - that's certainly alive and well in 2006!

T came to stay for the weekend and she left yesterday.it's always quite hard when she goes as I like the company. So far I've not been required in court this week but have to ring again tonight after 5pm to see if they want me tomorrow.

I've been trying to do more exercise and going for longish fast walks three evenings a week. I did an hour in the gym this morning followed by an hours body toning class. If I'm not in court tomorrow I'll go for a swim.

I'm dreading going to work again. What is it about work? It's ok when I get there. But the anticipation makes me ill. Every single week...

I'm concerned about my friend AS who is very much incommunicado right now.I miss hearing from her but i think i need to give her space.

S is doing sex education at school today! I've told her she can ask me about anything she's not understood when she gets home. We have already had the period talk three times and she keeps forgetting....

Our warm weather is over at least for now and it's gone windy, cool and damp. Hope we haven't seen the last of summer!

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Mel said...

Nice to see a post again! I've been doing that walking thing and it's feeling pretty good. I'm doing a challenge, but I think I will likely continue when it's all done :)