Friday, July 28, 2006

I've not been online much as this computer is sick and we really need a new one.It crashes 8 or 9 times on start up and someyimes I just can't face going through all that!

My friend K in Canada is in the hospital and I'm very worried about her. I thought I was going to lose her but as usual she is fighting back. We talked the last two nights on the phone and she she sounded great; we had a laugh. I love her so much! She knows everything about me and she accepts it and loves me as I am. That's a great gift and i treasure her.

I'm packing for our two-week holiday to Northumberland. I love going away but i hate the packing. I wish the packing fairies would do it all for me.At least the girls are old enough to pack for themselves these days.

My friend T visited this week; we had a lovely time. We went to Speke Hall and on the Ferry across the Mersey. It was great to spend time with her.I'm going to miss her loads while we are away - wish she was coming too LOL.

I'm hoping to take LOTS of pictures; Northumberland has wonderful scenery to say nothing of old castles and coast.

The heatwave continues here and although I'm hoping for slightly cooler weather I don't want it to rain on our holiday.


Mel said...

Have a wonderful vacation! I love getting away like that! But packing sure does stink... still gotta pack for my little guys and hubby is no help there! Can't wait to see lots of photos when you return!

TotalChaos said...

I know that feeling with the computer. AAACCCKKK. I will be packing soon too. Going away for 8 days. Glad to hear you had some fun with T. After 21 days we finally dropped below 38*C. Highest was 45.5*C Have a good time on your trip and take lots of pix.