Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I have just been reading an article on the BBC website about the way New York City has changed since 9/11.

This quote is from press photographer David Handschuh, who was possibly the first photographer on the scene after the first plane went into the Tower. He was trapped under the falling debris from the second tower and badly injured.

"Having a good day with my kids is the most precious gift that I could have in the entire world," he says.

"Waking up the next morning and looking out the window and whether it's snowing or raining or storming or brutally hot or freezing cold, it's another day that we get to experience things on this Earth."

This man has seen such horrors; yet he can feel grateful for each day that he is alive. It's humbling.

I'm sad and worried and lonely right now but i have hope that things will get better.


34quinn said...

what is it that you are sad and worried and lonely over ?
hope you can feel better soon.

Mel said...

Hey, if you need a chat, IM or live talk, you let me know and I will happily lend you an ear any time you need. I hope you're feeling better soon, but I'm here for you if you want.

It's been a while since we chatted anyway.