Friday, September 15, 2006

What a week :(

The photography website that I'm Admin of has been lost to the depths of cyberspace due to an unfixable server error. The site owner has worked her socks off trying to recover it and at the same time trying to build us a new site. Hopefully this will go "live" at the weekend. I'm heartbroken to think of all we've lost from the old site - but our members have been really supportive and are eagerly awaiting the new site. I'm sure we'll lose some but we won't be defeated by this disaster!

Apart from that, I've been working extra hours so have had less time on the internet than usual. S seems to be settling down ok into high school after the first awful day when she said she wouldn't be going again!! Now she has made some friends and seems to be getting on ok.She looks great in her new uniform (see above)

I am feeling much happier and more postive. I've done a lot of thinking and reflecting and trying to get things into perspective. I'm feeling less insecure. Hope these good feelings last.

The new kitten is growing fast and is very entertaining. We all love him a lot, it's hard to take a pic of him as he never stops moving but here are a couple anyway.

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