Monday, November 06, 2006

It's nearly a month since I blogged. I thought about giving up but decided not to. It's good to have an outlet at times! I got this firework photo on the BBC website although my good friend T's picture is much better. A couple of us went to a firework display and I used my tripod to take a few pictures. Unfortunately I got lots of shots of the woman immediately in front of me and her fetching bobble hat but this was one that tuned out ok.
I'm looking at a glorious full moon through my window right now.
The kitten is growing up but still very keen on sucking my hair. I wish he wouldn't launch himself at my back and then claw his way up. He's heavier now and that REALLY hurts!


Mafia Wife said...

I think it's a great fireworks shot! You gals had a good time with the cams I see!

Glad you didn't give up on the blogging thing. It's nice to be able to check up on you once in a while at least ;)

TotalChaos said...

Glad to see you back on. Nice fireworks shot. I had a cat that loved to lick my hair constantly. Couldn't understand it, 'cause back then I used Vitalis, and that stuff tasted nasty.

her indoors said...

nice photo, you can show us the one of the woman in fronts hat too if you want ha ha

CG said...

Thanks guys :)