Friday, January 19, 2007

Busy day at work today. I spent a lot of the afternoon and evening in a state of mild panic about a friend, needlessly as it turns out. I worry so much it's ridiculous.

The terrible gales damaged our roof. It also took me 3 hours to make the 40-minute trip home yesterday due to the motorway being closed for safety reasons. I'm really tired and i'm working tomorrow. P didn't get home from London until today. there were no trains so he had to stay overnight.

Today's picture is a rainbow in the Lake District. Whenever i see one i think of Judy Garland singing "Over the rainbow". It's so sad and yet so beautiful - that yearning and pathos and longing in her voice. It's a song that makes me feel happy and sad all at the same time.

I have a headache so it's time to stop looking at the PC and have a cuppa.


Kaycee said...

I hope that the winds have died down now. I saw the results of the European wind storms on our national news here in the US.

I love the rainbow photo. The rainbow is a symbol of hope for me as both rain and sunlight are needed to create it.

Pat said...

That is quite an interesting photo of the Lakes village. What a beautiful scene and to have a rainbow in it as well, well that's such a plus.

I, too, love rainbows.

Sorry about the weather you've been having.