Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy catblogging Friday. This is our cat Ollie. I didn't take this photo: P did using his new Nikon D8O. Ollie is quite fat and very lazy. He likes to stretch out on top of the TV and thinks that the newfangled flat screen TVs are terrible inventions!

K is being treated for a bad virus but the doctors are more hopeful than earlier this week. thanks to everyone who has been praying for K or simply sending her positive thoughts.


Kaycee said...

That is good news about K. I will continue to keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

I love the photo of Ollie! He is the same color as my cat. How does P like the new camera?

AB said...

Ollie is gorgeous - and he looks as if he knows it well! :)

So glad to hear the news about K - will keep her in my thoughts and prayers, and hope to hear more news soon.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

For some reason I only get red x's and little boxes in place of the pictures for the past two days. Maybe I need to change browsers, will do that and hopefully it will sort it out.

Pat said...

I can see Ollie letting you know that the flat screen TVs are no good! HAHA! She's lovely!


haha cutee kitty!