Saturday, February 10, 2007


After reading Kaycee's blog entry on people who are "Pillars of Faith" in her life I was thinking of the pillars that support my own life so strongly.

My local friends - the "Helsby Coven" of which JW, MG and AW are
such shining lights - who have helped me out countless times, cheered me up and generally made life so much brighter. The mad nights out we've shared and the the laughs we've had. The long country walks when we set the world to rights. Where would I be without these ladies?

My colleagues and workmates and library patrons - too numerous to mention. People I admire for their dedication which often far outweighs mine - people who have supported me through difficult times and who have made going to work a source of comfort in times of need as well as a lot of fun!!

Those friends from abroad, met via the Internet. K in Canada, A and family in California, Kaycee herself, J in Las Vegas, T in Germany, S in Kansas - they maybe do not know just how they have enriched my life and how they have taught me that friendship is not just a matter of proximity.

My friends on the Photographers Corner - I don't think i would ever have developed my love of photography without the encouragement of online photography forums. My "boss" A and fellow admin M, the Mods and the members all inspire, advise, encourage and motivate me so much.

And then those friends I can't classify - C and C, both godparents to my eldest; JS who makes me laugh to the point of near disaster and writes poems for all the family, AS who is wise, compassionate and astute, TS who faces an uncertain future with a courage I can't describe, RG, former fiancee turned friend, and T who I seem to have known for ever!

P, K and S, my family.You put up with me - and I'm so grateful!!

And those people whose blogs I visit - it's a privilege to get a glimpse into your lives and one of the highlights of my day.


picperfic said...

aww...sounds like a speach from an award ceremony....wonder what your award would be?? Thanks for visiting my blog and please get in touch so i can make you a cardi or something :^)

picperfic said... do know how to speel you know!

CG said...

LOL, you are right, I'd probably get the award for the world's daftest person!!!

AB said...

A really touching tribute to the important people in your life. Beautifully worded.

I love the water lily; it's so graceful and elegant. The water droplets really make the photo. Well seen and wonderfully captured.


Kaycee said...

The water lily is just gorgeous, CG! The details are so fine and the colors "pop".
I think that it is good to remember those people who make a difference in our lives. We may not do it often enough, but you have certainly thanked everyone in a very eloquent manner!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

That is a wonderful tribute and very well written. The water lily is beautiful. I have been passing a house every few days for the past 6 years and in the summer they have a little pond in their front garden and it always has pink lilies on it. I have often wanted to stop and ask them if they mind if I take a shot but never have LOL. Maybe that will be one of my missions this summer.

You are very fortunate to have so many people in your support group. Thanks for visiting my blog and I look forward to your next post.


Mafia Wife said...

Isn't it amazing to actually sit back and look at the wonderful people in our lives! Sometimes we don't realize how many there are or how much of an impact they really have until we really take the time to think about it :)

Pat said...

It's good to remember, CG. You've done it beautifully.

Lovely waterlily.