Thursday, February 22, 2007

What a librarian sees...

After a long day at work I'm a bit lacking in inspiration! I decided to take a couple of quick pics with my compact. One is the view from behind the counter which only the staff see - we try to convince the customers we're really pretty organised. It looks chaotic although it's not as bad as it looks! we actually do know where everything is.

The other picture is our workroom and my desk in there.

I completely forgot it was Lent and bought some chocolate today (I usually give it up for Lent!) so I'll have to start my choccy fast a couple of days late. I hope I make it this year; I've failed miserably the past two years.


AB said...

I love those bags from Bloomingdale's - a friend brought me a Little Brown Bag from NYC a couple of years back :)

Mmmm -- chocolate. I too slipped on my "give up chocolate for Lent" pledge today. A co-worker bought chocolates for the staff in the bank today, as she had a particularly successful day, and she insisted I have a square. It was only a teeny piece, but I feel so guilty now. I know that nobody is perfect, so I will just redouble my efforts tomorrow.


Anna said...

If you need to get rid of any chocolate...pass it to me please! Better luck tomorrow.

RUTH said...

We always remember Shrove Tuesday but the "giving up" for Lent always seems to slip our

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I have never done the Lent thing I have to admit, but if you would like to get rid of any temptations pop them in an envelope (or box) and mail them to me!!

I did a tidy up in my "office" today which consists of stacking all the papers in one place and forgetting about them until I need one of them and then have to search through a huge box of unfiled papers!!! I am normally very good with filing but it can get out of hand quickly.

I loved the Library where I stayed in Eltham, SE London, used to read a book a day sometimes. I have always enjoyed reading and that is something I have let slip. We have a nice Library here in town and I am working on putting a display of my horse pictures up there, they delegate a section and then have all the books relating to that subject there too. I really need to get back into reading.

Hope you are feeling okay and you managed to ward off the cold.


Pat said...

What a great post today, CG! Love the Bloomingdale bag! Looks so nice and roomy!

I daren't take a pic of my "office" down here. I "tidy" up by piling things and as Lori says, then we need something in the pile and then the pile gets untidy again! lol

Now, when I read about you being at work, I'll be able to picture you sitting there.


Ash said...

Love this place!

picperfic said...

so good to see your workplace, it looks a bit like my piling system I have for all my crafts I have on the go at the same time! I ate my chocolate from my colourswap pal and it was yummy!!