Saturday, March 10, 2007

"Andy and Phil were not convinced that their friend Little Norm had grown at all since they'd last seen him..."

Buying these little wooden figures is sort of becoming addictive....

My friend the Wildcat and I spent another enjoyable evening together on Thursday night taking some more photos of our willing models. It was interesting experimenting with different types of lighting.She also taught me a new way of framing which I've almost totally failed to understand - oops. I can be so slow a lot of the time.

I have finally found my tape measure so hopefully I'll soon be on my way to having a lovely cardigan courtesy of Picperfic :)

Our study is such a's driving me nuts as I can't find anything. I'm trying to persuade P to let me buy some new furniture for storage purposes.

Oh well, the house is a mess so I'd better get back to my tidying...


Kaycee said...

I can see why photographing these wooden figures can be so fun! I liked the way you used lighting and composition here!
I should be tidying the house, too. Photography is much more fun!

picperfic said...

You have really made them have expressions...I love the lighting too. Good to hear you've found your tape measure ;^)

RUTH said...

I adore your these "wooden people" photos and the one liners...I am sure there is a book waiting to be photographed/written.
I hid my tape measure long ago...LOL...and hate this metric system that puts a 36 inch measurement into the 900's cm!!
Enjoy ;-) your tidy up; the only problem with tidying is remembering where you've put everything afterwards.

AB said...

You're doing great work with your Woodys! :) I really enjoy them, along with the accompanying stories. I'm glad you started to play with these guys; I really enjoy my little wooden family too.

Hmmmm -- my house needs lots of tidying - any volunteers? LOL



Andrew said...

Don't Tidy!!! Take More Pictures!

Memories Catcher said...

Funny shot.I like it!Great contrasts and light.Good job!

Pat said...

Leave your house! Enjoy your little family of wooden fellows and your photography!