Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I was given a bottle of wine and a lovely card today - from the school which came in for World Book Day! That was such a nice surprise especially as I'd had a really great time with the cildren which was its own reward.

Today I went on a Fire Marshall Training Course - I'm now a fire marshall. The trainer showed some videos of how fast fire spreads that were really scary. Including some footage of the fire at Bradford City Football Ground in the '80s when over 60 people died...that was horrifying.

I spent some time this evening taking photos but they have turned out quite badly...so am feeling very disheartened.


RUTH said...

How about we open that bottle and have a glass to celebrate your becoming a Fire marshall....just the one though!
Cheery ((hugs))

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...


I used to love to visit Ikea, what an amazing place, I could have spent a fortune and they are fairly reasonable on their prices too.

I know how it feels when you set out on a photo project and nothing works, dont worry it happens to all of us.

Now onto the subject of the wine, was it dry red wine? That is my favorite, have a glass for me.



Kaycee said...

The photo of the wine and card is fantastic! I bet that the children really enjoyed visiting your Library!

Congrats on becoming a Fire Marshall!

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AB said...

What a wonderful and thoughtful gift from the school - hope you enjoy the wine, you deserve such a treat!

{{{BIG HUGS}}}

Well done on becoming a Fire Marshall as well.

I understand your disappointment and frustration at photos that don't turn out the way you envisaged. I have lots of times like that, and they seem to happen most often when I've been out and about taking photos, rather than in my spare room, so that repeating the shoot is not quite so easy. Keep your chin up, and keep shooting - you WILL get the photos you want!


picperfic said...

doesn't it make you feel good when you get a gift out of the blue. The photo of the wine looks great. We all have off days and don't forget you are still learning with your new camera, concider it as a way to get to know what pleases you and what doesn't. I get so determined when things don't go as I would like!

Pat said...

Oh, how well we all know the feeling of photos not turning out! It's discouraging and sad.

I love your photo of the wine and card and how nice for you to get that.

Congrats on being a Fire Marshall. Are you going to wear a nice red hat now?

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