Monday, April 23, 2007

As it was wet this morning I got up early and went to the gym for an hour before doing my aerobics class - if it had been sunny I was going for a walk! Since getting home I've been sorting laundry and putting together a 5-seed loaf in the bread maker as well as chatting to friends. I was supposed to be doing the ironing but instead I took some photos. I am still really struggling with the macro lens - must practice more! I quite like the pink carnation below - it's the best of the lot.
I decided to spray this flower with some water but again, it wasn't quite what I'd hoped for. Sometimes I feel i'm going backwards with my photography, not forwards!

Now I really must do the ironing. P is away in Lomdon until tomorrow night. Oops.....just realised I forgot to have lunch; that's not like me!!


Akelamalu said...

Practice makes perfect, but your photography looks good to me. Love the one of the carnation.

picperfic said...

your photography is lovely, as for macro photography, well you're doing fine there too! Love the carnation, think it's called fancy pants! The other shot looks like it need a bit of levels adjusting and maybe a bit of USM? Love the water drops...Your cardi is on the cards, I just can't go at the same speed I usually do, this virus has knocked me for six! Wish I had your energy, are you losing weight with all this activity?

RUTH said...

Tut, must eat and keep your stamina up. Don't envy you the ironing...LOL As for the photos....they look wonderful to me!!

JCR said...

I know the feeling about going backwards rather than forwards with things.

I think you are too critical of yourself tho, I'd be very pleased with those 2 shots, especially the water droplets on the white one xx

Carmi said...

"Sometimes I feel i'm going backwards with my photography, not forwards!"

I think it's perfectly OK to feel frustrated with the results we bring back from a shoot. In my mind's eye, I often think of a picture, and am then disappointed when I can't quite achieve the result I had intended.

FWIW, you're doing just fine with the macro lens. This subdiscipline of photography is extremely demanding, with very little tolerance for errors of any kind. A slight shift one way or another can be the difference between tack sharp nirvana and a blubbering mess.

So we shoot, and shoot, and shoot some more. And we hone our technique over time. Often, over a very long time.

Based on what I'm seeing, you have nothing to worry about. Because of you, my macro lens research is getting kicked up a notch.