Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Todays photo was inspired by a post from Carmi about small details. This is a tealight holder I found once and had to buy...I love the shape of it and it was very, very cheap!! It was a bit dusty though....I pulled off the worst of the cobwebs before I took the photo!

Another training walk this morning that went well. A came along as well; it was non-stop exercise for our voices as well as our legs and an absolutely glorious morning. In the afternoon I went to Riding for the Disabled - first time after the Easter break. I loved it - last ride I was leading Albert, an Irish pony who must be part mule judging by the size of his ears and his stubborn disposition!! But i like the horses with character. The entire ride he was either sneezing all over me OR trying to nudge me into the ditch - bless.

Am off to visit a friend tonight - and her new coffee machine! I'm promised a cappucino and we are going to watch "The Apprentice" together.


RUTH said...

You mean you have cobwebs too!..brilliant news. Glad your training is going well. I'll be watching the Apprentice tonight too so shall think of you drinking that cappucino while I sip my Nescafe...LOL

JAM said...

The tealight holder is an interesting looking piece. Hopefully it's not actually as close to the wall as that looks. (or is it on a door?) I'm scared of open flame near anything.

That's funny about Albert, though I would expect that behavior from a horse named Albert.

Akelamalu said...

Love the tea light holder, I have something similar on a wind chime.

Enjoy your cappucino and the Apprentice!

picperfic said...

glad he didn't nudge you off guard into the ditch! I love that little lamp, don't let Tal near it with her macro lens, you'd have to completely dust it! Have you seen her rosemary??

Kaycee said...

CG, I like the way you spot such interesting details! I hope that you had a good visit with your friend.