Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Old Boat, West Kirby

I noticed this boat on my lunchtime walk. I liked the colours and the textures against the sand. In the BG you can see Hilbre Island. I really needed my walk today after a very stressful morning. Sometimes I find it really hard to be a manager and follow procedures that mean causing distress to other people.

I came home to more distress; S is upset about friendship stuff at school. It breaks my heart to see her so upset and it's hard to know what to so. Now i'm off to wash dishes then treat myself to a cup of tea!


RUTH said...

It sounds like a stressful day all round; I'm sorry to hear S had a bad day "friends" wise; it's hard work being young..yes I do remember that far back...lol. here's hoping tomorrow is a better day for you both

Anna said...

This is great! :) I love the solitary, washed up boat.

AB said...

Sorry to read that S had such a bad day - "friends" can be hard to cope with at times.

I love the textures on that boat, and hope today is a better day for you



Akelamalu said...

Love the boat.

Sorry you had a stressfull day. It's hard when your kids are having a tough time at school.

Gledwood said...

Have you ever seen those pixx of the Aral Sea? Miles and miles of basically deserted wilderness with shells of boats still standing where the shoreline used to be many years ago. The sea has shrunk so much that some former seaside villages are now over forty miles inland!