Saturday, May 12, 2007


I promise not to post any more big cat pics for ages. I still have hundreds to look at and edit. This little chap was hard to capture as he was very lively. I didn't think I had anything decent of him but am quite pleased with this one.

I've been tagged by Ruth for this meme:

1.What do you want to accomplish with your blog?
Nothing really! It’s more of an on-line journal. Not an intimate diary as I wouldn’t put that on the net! It’s also another way to get feedback on my photos. A nice side-effect has been “meeting” such great people in blogworld.

2. Are you a spiritual person?
Yes. I am a Christian and I believe I’ve had personal experience of God in my life; at a time of great need. I do have a lot of doubts but I keep coming back to a certainty that I can’t explain or rationalise but is there at the core of my being.

3. If you were stranded on a desert island what three things would you want to have with you?
Food, water and flares to attract attention!!

4. What’s your favourite childhood memory?
Oh, difficult! I think lying in bed in our caravan, listening to my dad tell stories about his time in the Merchant Navy. He was such a wonderful storyteller. One of my big regrets is I didn’t tape his stories for my children to enjoy.

5. Is this your first meme?
I think it is ! I'm quite pleased to be tagged!

I'm going to tag -

Mafia wife

...but only if you feel like doing it!!

I am still really hurting. The pains are in my back but also extending round into my pelvis. The painkillers are helping but not much. Now its going down my right arm and into my wrist. Ouch. I think it's possibly the damp weather.


RUTH said...

Thanks for doing the meme CG. Another great cat photo. I know he's probably quite dangerous but he looks so cute. Sorry to hear about the aches and pains...
gentle {{hugs}}

Anna said...

I love these as many as you want! I liked reading your answers...those were good questions. :)

Mike said...

Keep the big cats coming they look great! Hope the back gets better soon.

JAM said...

What a tremendous photo! I love this; this is as good as it gets. Very sharp, and I like where he's placed in the frame. He sure is focused on something.

I'll try to do the meme. I'm not sure when. I'll try to do it Sun, Mon, or Tue.

Akelamalu said...

Great photo.

Sorry to hear you're in pain, I know the feeling.

Thanks for tagging me, I'll do the meme asap, but I have one booked in already.

AB said...

I'm loving your big cat photos - looks like you had a great time!

Congratulations to Phil on the commission - he deserves it! Looking forward to hearing more about it in time.

{{HUGE HUGS}} and hope you feel better soon.


Gledwood said...

So you're a compulsive Worrier and Gardener ... wonder if there's a connexion..?

Green thumb... we say "green fingers" ==same difference...

Re worrying I know that. Re gardening Ruth says I can garden with a postage stamp worth of soil I take her point but I'm waiting for a slightly better situation to come along ...

I've seen you comment via her's before ... did i never say hello?

Well you're welcome to drop by mine. Gledwood vol 2 is my main blog. I've 2 new video blogs. One is musical (mostly) the other has novelty clips. If u'v anything to donate to that last one it'd be much appreciated ...

Many thanxx


"Gledwood vol 2" ...

Gledwood said...

ps what ammi sayin... what a wonderfulll pussycat... we don't get stuff like that here... bet you are American...

Even a "cougar" (I actually found out what that MEANT recently!!!!!!!) we don't get nothing like that leopards mountain lions ... etc .... etc ......

Joel Reynolds said...

Very nice blog! Those cats are beautiful.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hey dont worry about posting more pics of the big cats, I dont get tired of them, anyways I am always posting pictures of my horses LOL and hope you all arent tired of those!!

Hope that the commission works out for P and that he manages to get the leave. Keeping fingers and toes crossed. (((((Hugs)))))


Mafia Wife said...

I'm always so late! lol! I love your big cat day pix! They are excellent! That was such a perfect opportunity to go that day and I'd be thrilled to show them off too!

Oh, must think about this meme now!