Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lovely borders...

Two photos from a trip to Ness Gardens on Fathers Day. I wish I had lovely wide borders like these. I loved the colour of these pine branches. Every photo I took that day was handheld as I felt too lazy to carry my tripod! Bad Julie!!!
I am sitting in work feeling very anxious. I have real staffing problems and this is one of the busiest times of the year. Over the next few weeks I have to visit schools to talk about the summer reading challenge, publicise our summer activities, do two "Friends" events, finish off the Bookstart giftings in local playgroups, attend a conference and a hundred and one other things plus all the regular admin of running a library. I have two staff off sick and there are quite a few taking holidays (how dare they? LOL). And one of my three full time staff has just got another job. I'm not sure i can get all this done even working full time and I'm actually part time!! Supposedly...
At home we have all the home improvements stuff going on, S's birthday and I've agreed to do a full day at RDA on Wednesdays because they are shortstaffed between now and the end of term :( I must be nuts but I would hate to think of rides being cancelled.
Sorry for moaning on. I just feel better having got it off my chest...!


Akelamalu said...

You're taking on too much, you have to learn to say NO.
On a good note - the pictures are lovely and I bet walking up that path of Lavender was heaven to the senses!

RUTH said...

I don't blame you having a moan...somehow in between all you've mentioned eating and sleeping have to fit into the equation.
Good luck!

Anna said...

These are great...I can almost smell the pine! :)

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi Julie

So sorry to have neglected you so much recently.

I love the aquarium photos, glad you got to spend some time with Talj.

I will be sending positive vibes to your friend in need. Hope all is going well with him.

Your post about your Dad is wonderful, it brought tears to my eyes, very heartfelt, thanks for sharing.

I love the reflection of Venice photo, beautiful.

I hope you are feeling better and that things have slowed down a bit.

((((Hugs)))) you are always in my thoughts.


Pat said...

Amazing borders, Julie.

Is that lavender? I have ONE lavender plant that I am babying to make it survive. So happy that it came through the winter as I've never been able to grow it before. Love the scent as I walk by.

Isn't it great to get things off our chests in our blogs?

I have music playing today in mine. We had a terrible time wondering yesterday if a dear little girl would come through surgery and I've posted about it.

JAM said...

Love the photos. Sorry about the work load.

Boy, work sure does get in the way of our photography, doesn't it?