Thursday, June 07, 2007

More photos of S riding Jack....apologies for being such a proud mother!
The Race for Life was good. Iwas really tired however. In the morning I did chores and took S to the doctor; who thinks she has a virus. Then I made soup, lunch for S and out to Riding for the Disabled. All three classes came and it was great bt very hot and quite tiring; the ponies were very reluctant to move and I was literally dragging them along!! Then I realised I needed to do my ironing as it wasmy last chance to get it done until I ironed for 3 solid hours! Then it was straight out to the race. J, D and I walked together. It was brilliant - the usual wonderful atmosphere but moving too as we read the various messages on peoples "I race for..." labels. Mine read "I race for Alf (my dad), John (my cousin), Joyce, Caroline, Rose and Mick."
Around the 1k mark we saw the wonderful Wildcat with her camera and P, K and S plus the wildkittens were cheering us on from the side of the was lovely to see them all and really spurred us on! Afterwards I walked to WC's house and was served a tasty latte; then it was home to bed. I've done well with my sponsorship so I'm feeling really great :)
Basil the cat is ok but seems to have a virus and spends a lot of time sleeping, he's very affectionate and loving though.
Next week there's an RDA gymkhana competition for the children which I'm going to help at - am looking forward to that.
This evening's reading group was pretty good despite my frequent sneezes and croaky voice. Wish this wasn't my Saturday to work though.


Anna said...

Glad it went well...and I love these action shots! Very nice and I am sure you are quite proud!

Pat said...

Great photos of the girls on the horses, Julie.

Don't ever apologize for being a proud mother.

Pat said...

Oops! I posted before I meant to. I wanted to say that your description of the race was wonderful to read. Hope that you'll be sharing some photos. What a wonderful sign you had on your back.

AB said...

Well done you!!! So glad Race For Life went well. I'm thinking about getting involved next year.

Great photos of S, too - she looks so confident and comfortable!



RUTH said...

Well done; it must be so difficult to do the Race For Life at the END of a busy day. Hope both Basil and yourself fel better soon..and good on you for being a proud mum!

Akelamalu said...

Well done you with the race and the 3HOURS OF IRONING!!!

JAM said...

Glad the race went well. Hope S and Basil get well soon too.

The shots are wonderful. You have every right to be a proud parent on your own blog.