Monday, June 04, 2007

P took some photos of S riding Jack last Saturday. They turned out pretty well. The class were doing a jumping course and S really loves jumping. Jack is a lovely gentle horse and this was the first time she'd got to ride him.

Yesterday we went to the Lakes and visited our friends who run an animal rescue charity there. We came home with Basil, who has recently had surgery to mend a broken leg. He's lovely and no doubt we'll be taking lots of photos of him very soon. Right now he's just settling in.

I have a really sore throat. I just came back from aerobics but I struggled today. I can't be ill this week - I have too much to do and it's the Race for Life on Wednesday night!!!


RUTH said...

That first photo is brilliant...capturing the horse as it jumps..S is quite a horsewoman isn't she. looking forward to photos of he named after the basil T. gave you? Really hope you're not coming down with something with Wednesday looming; sending medicinal {{HUGS}}

Akelamalu said...

Great photos. Hope that throat gets better for Wednesday!

JAM said...

Love the photos, the second one cracked me up, the horse looks to be posing for the camera just as much as S.

Poor Basil, hope the leg mends well. Basil is one of the "most British" names for a male. Right behind Nigel.

Anna said...

These are great! Looks like a lot of fun!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

These are great, my favorite subject LOL. Hope she had a great time. I had an opportunity to shoot a five day hunter jumper show (indoors though) in July but they had already signed a photographer, but they asked me if I would like to shoot it next year. I havent shot english riding since leaving England so this would be really exciting to do. I love jumping. Tell S she looks fabulous!!!

Hope Basil's leg mends soon, his name reminds me of Basil Brush who I think was in a story about a fox. LOL

You can't get sick now, take lots of vitamin C and do a hot toddy with lots of fresh ginger, honey and hot hot water, it tastes like hell but it works, the fresh chopped ginger is the secret. I put a tot of whiskey in mine and lemon juice. Take it just before you go to bed and it will make you sleep like a baby and feel so much better the next morning. You must drink it as hot as you can and just slug it down!!

Thanks for your visits to my blog, you are all always in my thoughts even if dont always get to comment.

(((((Huge Hugs))))))