Saturday, June 09, 2007

P's special tree
which is near Blencathra in the Lake District
I like the soft colours and the diagonal lines in this photo. Well, it's quite a laid-back Sunday. I've been catching up on a bit of light housework and gardening. K did a great job of clearing out her room and produced several bags of junk so I took a trip to the tip just now. I love to de-clutter - makes me feel liberated. Right now i feel we have far too much "stuff" so it is good to get rid of some. Thanks to Mrs Nesbitt who introduced me to the Freecycle Organisation, I was able to get rid of K's old pine wardrobes to a good home. Next week I'll be advertising some more stuff - like her bunk beds.

We're grilling tonight so I'd better go marinade some chicken. i'm not feeling very cheerful today for some reason. No doubt it will soon pass!


Akelamalu said...

That looks like a painting! It's beautiful.

You'll feel better after your barbeque - I hope. x

AB said...

What a lovely tree, in such a tranquil location - I would love to visit the Lake District one day; living so near, I really have no excuse!

Hope you feel a bit better soon - no fun having a "down" day; I get them too.

Sending you love and {{HUGS}}


RUTH said...

What a beautiful location the tree is in. Aren't the "no reason" down days a pain... no matter how hard you try you just can't snap out of it. Must admit I was a bit down this morning after my lovely day yesterday..then I popped on to Akelamula's post and the giggle did me good.

Faye Pekas said...

I absolutely adore this shot. It looks like a painting. I love the slant of the hillside. At first glance it looks like the horizon is way off but when you look again you see the tree is straight and is on a hillside. Well done.

Yep down days suck but it gives you something to compare your up days with making them even better.

Anna said...

Serene. I love the perspective that you have here. The slopes of the hill give great depth to the image.
Have a great week!

Pat said...

What a wonderful scene, Julie. Love it and the diagonal lines makes it work.

Cheer up!

{{{{HUGS TO YOU}}}}}

JAM said...

I love the way trees grow when they've grown out in an open area like that. This is a gret photo, a lovely place.