Saturday, July 14, 2007

After seeing Anna's pics of Venice and the washing hanging out to dry, I remembered some of my photos...the bottom shot is Venice itself, the top one one of the islands on the lagoon. Looking at these pictures I can remember the wonderful sunshine and the warmth. Yesterday it rained almost the whole day. J and I went for a long rained. I did rained. I went out for another rained some more. It has been varied though....between heavy rain and really heavy rain. I am getting seriously anxious that I won't be able to cut my lawn before we go away!

At least today it's been sunny. P is off in Wales taking photos with his friend and I took the girls shopping this morning along with the usual chores. Now it's off to riding with S. Hope everyone is having a great Saturday.


Kaycee said...

Your Venice photos are so colorful and well spotted! You must really enjoy visiting Venice. It must be a trip of a life time!

I hope that the rain stops soon. Have a good weekend.

RUTH said...

Sorry to hear you've had so much rain. We were forecast a heatwave didn't happen but at least it stayed dry. Isn't the wall a lovely blue in that top photo. Enoy the rest of the weekend

JoAnn-NL said...

I feel SO much the same way about Rain! We have had here (Holland) 1 afternoon sun! Right! And yesterday on saterday, we were visiting the south of Holland, for a 'balloontrip' there it's was sunny .... hmmm ( see my blog)

I LOVE the wash-clothes hanging out, so 'typical Italian', did you know that I lived for 6 years in Rome-Italy?

Have a GREAT (dry?) sunday,
( I hope so for you 'and me')
Taday (sunday) its raining again....

Anna said...

OK, so I totally have that last shot and havent shared it yet! :) I love these and I am so glad that you are going back down memory lane with your trip. We had such a good time! :)

Have a great week Julie!

JAM said...

Lovely. I like the one with the laundry hanging out best.

Gretchen said...

Beautiful photos! I like how you take ones that most others might not think of. :)