Saturday, August 18, 2007

I have been a bad blogger this week!I have been so busy re-adjusting to my "real" life and catching up on laundry etc, I've not had time to blog or edit any more photos from the holiday. The above pic is a shot of the big wheel at Navy Pier, Chicago, and the one below is the view from the wheel. We really enjoyed the ride and the sights from up here.
The last picture shows the contrast between old and new style architecture in Chicago. I hope to revisit this interesting city one day as we really barely scratched the surface. And we'd love to visit Mafia Wife and Family in Grande Rapids, Michigan, too!

Today we popped into Chester and met up with our lovely friend CH from the Corner for coffee. P had decided to cook American-style ribs and so we went to Lakeland for "Bone Sucking Sauce". This evening, after S's riding lesson, P's parents came round. P grilled in the garage as it was RAINING but the ribs turned out great; thanks Will for the instructions.
We have a craft fair in Hoylake tomorrow so I'm going to bed early.


Anna said...

OK, so BOne Suckin' Sauce is made by a my cousins friend in Raliegh, NC....I love the fact that all the way over in London I could buy it at WAITROSE for only $9.00 a jar! :) American BBQ is the best!

RUTH said...

I love those parasols and the way you've photographed them. As for the ride.....not been on anything like that since Dreamland in Margate umpteen years ago...don't think I could do it now; I felt dizzy just looking at your "view below" photo...LOL
Never heard of Bone Suckin' Sauce (great name) but being a BBQ rib lover I'm sure I'd enjoy it.

gledwood said...

Those parasols are well funky.. trust the Japanese to be most stylish

Chicago.... I always think of Oprah Winfrey when I think of Chicago!

Looks like you had a fascinating time.... is that ferris wheel anything like the London Eye in size??

Akelamalu said...

You're a braver woman than me going on that wheel! The photos are great, though the view from the top of the wheel made me queasy :(

Looking forward to seeing more photos from your trip. Have a good day at the craft fair today.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie. It was really lovely to see you both yesterday. I was so pleased you were able to make it.CH XXX