Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Joann has given me a lovely award for support and friendship to her blog...I'm really honoured! Joann has a wonderful blog that has really grown in popularity so if you've not yet checked her out why not pay her a visit today? Thanks again, Joann, for my award :)

We had a lovely day yesterday. We went to see the Red Arrows display at Hoylake with the Wildcat and family, then back to their home for a delicious BBQ and lots of good conversation. They are such special people and I feel lucky to know them! it wasn't a very nice day; it was positively ARCTIC by the coast. But now the Bank Holiday is over, I stop hoping for summer and any nice days are just a bonus.

Sorry, I'm not done uploading holiday photos yet!

This busker jumps out at unsuspecting tourists on Fishermans Wharf, just opposite Joe's Crab Shack. He gets some brilliant reactions! This time we saw a woman kick him...poor guy! It's the most novel busker I've ever seen.

Today I'm off to a garden centre to buy some stuff. Hope everyone has a good day.


Akelamalu said...

Congrats on the award m'dear.

The Red Arrows are fantastic, though I haven't seen them for a few years.

Glad you had a good day but PLEASE DON'T SAY SUMMER IS OVER!!!

RUTH said...

I used to see the Red Arrows a lot when I lived on the coast...brilliant displays. Have fun at the garden centre. Joanns award is lovely isn't it...was so chuffed to get one too on my photo blog :o)

Faye Pekas said...

Ok I'm totally confused. What is a buskar and why is he jumping out at people? And why would someone kick him!

Great shots though :)

JoAnn-NL from Holland :) said...

Dear CJ,

Its not that you expected that, but YOU did a lot for my selfconvidence in the blog-friendship.

You inspred me and I LOVE your honest photography, therefore I thank you.

:) JoAnn