Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Phil, Kate and I were walking through San Francisco taking photos; the other two were a little ahead of me. I suddenly noticed this guy hitching a ride as the car sped over an intersection: I grabbed this quick shot. Seconds later he turned his head, waved and grinned at me! The encounter really made me laugh!

Very, very busy day at work today, not helped by my badly aching right hip and knee. After the half-term holiday next week I'm going to see the doctor I think. I have been in daily pain for years but this is starting to limit my activities quite badly as well as making me thoroughly grumpy and fed up!!

I spoke to K in Canada on Sunday night; although still very poorly we managed a great conversation. As usual she plays down her own illness and worries and is more interested in how I'm doing...After we talked I was unable to stop grinning from ear to ear..she has that effect on me!

Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut, then it's RDA and I think I'll take the girls to the cinema after that. Now it's bedtime for the achy old body...goodnight!


Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

So sorry you are experiencing pain, there is nothing worse. When I was in SA and England I used to use Nurofen which helped me a lot with my shoulder pain, but here in the US Codeine products are prescription only and I just cant find anything that will help me that can be bought over the counter, and believe me I have tried them all.

I hope you get some relief soon. (((Hugs))))


RUTH said...

I smiled at the guy hitching the lift :o) Sorry to hear about the aches; make sure you do get yourself checked out or I'll NAG!!! I'm pleased your chat with K started you smiling; she sounds a special person.

photowannabe said...

So sorry you are feeling so badly. I hope the Doc. will be able to relieve some of that for you.
Only in San Francisco will you see such crazy an dangerous things as that. Only, in S.F. it would be considered normal and most people don't give it a second thought.

JAM said...

I'm sorry you're in pain. Chronic pain is a horrible drag on a person's life.

Due to nerve damage, my left leg has hurt for years, and I have favored it so much that my right hip and right ankle hurt now. I think I've gotten arthritis in them.

Best of luck with the doctors. I hope they are able to help you. I take a medicine whose generic name is "meloxicam" and it's in the asprin family. My stomach and innards are sensitive to asprin type medicines, but meloxicam is one that rarely causes anyone intestinal issues. It helps me a lot. It's not a magic cure-all, but I definitely tell the difference when I haven't taken it in a couple of days.

Anyway, best wishes.

Cool catch of the guy skating with the car!

Akelamalu said...

What a great picture!

Sorry to hear you're in pain - I know only too well what that is like! Hope your doctor can get it sorted for you. x

KMF said...

nice shot