Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I am feeling more relaxed now I have had more encouraging news about Karen :) Today I was on a "Visual Impairment Awareness" training course. It was really interesting. Amongst other things we learned how to guide people with sight problems. We split into couples and took it in turns to be blindfolded; then the seeing half of the couple would guide them. It really was quite scary not to be able to see when you are in a busy public place. We also tried on various simulation spectacles that gave us an idea of the different types of vision loss or impairment. Again this was quite an experience and affected us all deeply.

This afternoon I was at RDA as usual but more than usual I was appreciating the sights all around me. The expressions on faces; light rippling over the glossy coats of the horses, the sun on the trees, the clouds. It even struck me what an incredibly vivid green was the moss on the rooftops and how lucky I was to be able to see it.

I am trying to live much more "in the moment" and not to drive myself nuts with overthinking. I tried not to let myself go down my usual route of worrying what will I do if I lose my will I cope etc? If it happens I'll try to deal with it then and for now I'll try not to take being able to see so much for granted!

I never posted any pictures of our completed driveway - I took these on Monday. We are really delighted with how it looks and I'm really pleased with my two new planters by the front door! I also planted up a little hanging basket. In the second picture you can see Basil in a cameo appearance as himself!


Gledwood said...

My brain!
Like a seive today...


Visual Impairment. I used to guide someone round who had 0.5% vision. Actually it was really easy bc they hang on your elbow and when a step comes or something because you are a step ahead they can feel if it's up/down so usually you don't have to say anything...

photowannabe said...

I like your archway and baywindow. Very nice driveway. It should make life so much easier for you.
Sometimes its good to take a step back and really appreciate what we have. It sounds like a great course that you took.

Anna said...

I LOVE your doorway and would have taken a picture of it if I walked by! :) I miss the doorways of Britain. Very distinct!

You had asked about getting the product in the UK...I will be letting people order it off my website when it is up in a couple of weeks! YAY!

Take care Julie!

Kerri said...

I can certainly relate....I feel like I've been on a "life impairment" course for the past 8 months....but it sure does make you appreciate things you take for granted! How neat that you "see" things differently now.

Love the driveway!! And the planters look GREAT!!

Akelamalu said...

Love the driveway and I love your little porch!

It's only when we see what others haven't got that we appreciate what we have. x

Kaycee said...

Please know that Karen is in my prayers. I am glad to hear that you had some encouraging news.
Your course sounded fasinating. As photographers, I guess we sometimes take sight for granted.
I am glad that you posted photos of your driveway. I've always tried to imagine what your home is like. You have a lovely home!

Pat said...

How lovely, Julie! It's so nice to see these. Such great news of Karen as well. Thanks for sharing.


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'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Hi what a nice door way or drive way, the planters look very well too. Thanks for showing.