Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I took this photo in Delamere on Sunday. Such a beautiful day....! There have been so many lately, to say nothing of glorious sunrises and sunsets.

Somebody told me recently I have a wonderful life (you wise friend, AS!) She's right but I haven't realised it as often as I should have in recent years. It's a very ordinary life, it's a small life, not remarkable in any obvious way, but yes, it is wonderful. I am appreciating the many wonderful things in my life more and more every day.

I had some news of a friend which was shocking and worrying. It made me really think about what's important in life and how much I take for granted and am not ever grateful for. I spend so much time fretting over the bad stuff I scarcely take time to notice all the good...It made me think of how I would view my life if I was in my friend's shoes right now (and I could be, who knows, one day.)

Some great things happened to me today. My hairdresser told me that every single time my daughter Sian is in the salon getting a haircut, another client will comment on how lovely/sweet/friendly she is! Every single time...I was so proud and happy. I also got my hair washed by Tracy, best hairwasher in the business...she makes you feel great all over with her magic fingers! My cat Shea came for a long cuddle while I was drinking my coffee and reading in bed this morning. At the stables, my favourite horse Bruno blew on me, steamed up my glasses, then rested his nose on my shoulder and closed his eyes :) I made a batch of flapjacks and for once didn't forget they were in the oven and burn them. A new charm I'd ordered for my Italian charm bracelet arrived (it's a laughing buddha) and it's beautiful.

That's MY day...hope yours is full of good things too!


artisbliss said...

Love the photo.

Life IS good, isn't it? And there's something to be said for being just ordinary, especially when you compare it to other people's extraordinary lives. Who needs that much drama?

Sian certainly seems charming to me, from what you've said about her and the photos you've posted. You've a right to be proud!

Kerri said...

Oh What a Wonderful Wonderful post!

I love the "little" things that are making you happy....a cuddle with the cat....a sweet horse...and isn't wonderful when others praise our children?? You have made my day today with this post! It has warmed me all over :)

photowannabe said...

It really is the little things that count most. Being thankful for the small serendipities in our lives makes us stronger every day.
What a wonderful day you had and may the next one be even better.

Dianne said...

This is a warm post, full of Joy.

You may lead an "ordinary" life CG but you are an extra-ordinary person.

and NOW this photo is my favorite - that brings the count of absolute favorites to double digits!

shelley said...

I love your Valentine's message to your husband and your beautiful pictures on your "thecompulsivegardener" blog. When I discovered your blog - you made my day!

Akelamalu said...

It is a wonderful life!

One of the 5 Reiki Precepts is

Just for today, I will count my many blessings.

It helps me put things in perspective. :)

Reiki Blessings to you. x

CG said...

Having such wonderful blogfriends and such kind comments on my blog really make MY day! Thank you all {{HUGS}}

Quiet Rage said...

Love the moon in the picture...

JAM said...

Many of life's blessing are so small that they are easily overtaken by our tendency to see the bad instead of the good. I have to remind myself all the time about this very thing. Chronic pain is my downfall, but then again, I have spent the past few years learning to intently count my blessings every day.

I love the moon and tree shot there. I have one similar that I took one incredibly stressful day at work. I had my camera in the car, and left work for a while (I can do that) and went to the closest public park to walk around and decompress from the stress. Whenever I look at those photos from that afternoon, I always regain the peaceful feeling from walking around there for an hour.