Monday, March 31, 2008

Quite a peaceful day, yesterday, at least until our friends arrived with their two little whirlwinds and livened us all up no end! It was a really great finale to an enjoyable weekend - even though I was caught red-handed with Aunt Bessie's frozen roast potatoes (which were bloody marvelous in fact!).

I forgot to mention yesterday that on Friday night, the Helsby Coven sallied forth to celebrate the 40th birthday of the baby of our group, D, who still looks around 25! We had a fabulous time - the best bit was when D opened a series of presents put together by M, to fully prepare her for life on the other side of 40...these included:
  • A handy name badge for when the senior moments strike and you forget your own name..
  • Big knickers with a tasteful floral design to stop you getting a chill on your kidneys...
  • Hair removing cream for the dreaded whiskers on the chin!
  • An orange shower cap shaped like a dog...with four legs and a tail...D put it on and she STILL looked good. I have a photo but dare not publish it here in case she kills me!
  • A pink diamante thong for when you are in denial about your age :)
  • Wind-ease tablets for that awful age-related flatulence.
I think the whole pub enjoyed seeing D opening these as much as we did!

This weekend has made me feel very grateful for the wonderful friendships I enjoy.


artisbliss said...

Beautiful fern photo.

What a hilarious time at the birthday celebration. The gift giver was certainly inspired and creative. To me, the biggest surprise about turning 40 was turning 41, then 42, then 43...

Jenn said...

Aunt Bessies roast potatoes?! oh how could you??!! lol

You should try my sea-salt, garlic & rosemary roast potatoes.

Lovely DoF on the fern, great lighting too :)


Dianne said...

sounds like a great weekend

love all of D's gifts, quite useful actually ;)

Akelamalu said...

You cheated with the roast potatoes? CG hang your head in shame!

You can get wind-easy tablets? Where from? Not for me you understand! ;)