Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tulips & tomato Wednesday.

I haven't taken any photos for a few days so it was nice to grab the camera and take a few snaps. Phil gave me these lovely tulips on Monday evening. I do love tulips; even if they do have a short life as a cut flower! I am also really into my soup making. Last night I made a new soup with miso paste, noodles, chicken, spinach, carrot, courgette and spring it's one of my very favourites, tomato. The great thing about soup is you can chuck in lots of veggies. This soup has parsnip, courgette, carrot, leek, onion and celery lurking in the depths.

Kate has been off school this week with "Kate flu", like man flu only MUCH MUCH worse, of course! She also had two baby teeth pulled at the dentist yesterday, poor girl is not having a good week.

It's been a nice day...I walked with dear Jane this morning; what a tonic she is and how blessed I am in her friendship. Then soup making and a bit of gardening..well, I cut the grass! Only one more day at work then I'm off for Easter.

I'm really thrilled we have found a nice cottage in the Cotswolds for our summer holiday. The girls and I are going with Phil's parents as he hasn't any leave left until October - he's using it all for the commission. It will be good to get away for a week.

Am feeling more positive...I'm thinking "Middle Girl". Dianne, you'll know what I mean!!


Caroline Harris said...

Hi Julie,
Just thought I'd pop into your blog to say thank you for the comment, and to catch up on what you've been upto. Sorry to read Kate isn't well, but I am sure your delicious home-made soup will have her back on her feet in no time. That's great news about your Summer holiday. When are you going? Speak soon I hope. Lots of love CH

worldwide1 said...

wonderful photos,both.
The Tulips,well,I can't wait for them to show up here in Chicago.
and the soup,warms the soul.

Akelamalu said...

So glad to hear you're thinking more positive m'dear.

I love homemade soup. We had chicken for lunch on Sunday so I made chicken and vegetable soup for Monday - it was delicious even if I do say so myself! :)

The tulips are lovely, such a shame they don't last longer. :(

Dianne said...

I could feel "Middle Girl" throughout the post :)

I'm really happy tht you feel better and hugs to Kate - what a crappy week indeed!

Tomatoe soup is my fave! of course I put in pasta, not veggies. Ahhhh me!

artisbliss said...

You sound like you're more sunnyside up than you were the other day. I'm glad.

Your soups sound wonderful. I'm a soup fan myself, the home-made kind, that is.

Phil is a sweetie for bringing you your favorite flowers.

Easter hugs from me. Enjoy photographing the wedding!!

picperfic said...

mmm yum to homemade soup! I am having goldfish bowls of tulips on the tables at our wedding, I love them! Glad the springtime is cheering you!