Thursday, April 03, 2008

I got my Moo Cards today. They came really fast...I saw Anna's and I just had to have some. I am really thrilled with them :) My Moo card holder hasn't arrived yet but when it does I'll post a picture of it.This company is partnered with FLICKR so if you have a FLICKR account then you are good to go to create your own cards! You can use them for business or anything you can think up!

You upload your own images and you can add up to six lines of text on the back. They are just so dinky!! The trouble is I don't want to give any away LOL!Anna asked to see them so I took this little photo. I wasn't sure about some of the crops but they actually all look ok and some look surprisingly good :)

It has sort of made up for my sadness in realising that the flying penguins were an April Fool joke. If you can't trust the BBC who CAN you trust??

I'm at work today and we just had a WONDERFUL Baby Bounce session with ALL babies. Usually there are lots of toddlers who as toddlers do, tend to run around and play quite a bit. This session with just wee babies perched on knees was quite different and very sweet.I was feeling very broody.

Am missing the girls though, who are home with their grandparents. Am glad I have one last day off tomorrow.


Dianne said...

Cool Moo Cards - you're a superstar now!

Bouncing Babies are always good for the soul aren't they?

Akelamalu said...

I've never heard of Moo cards, are they business cards? Your's look good.

Bouncing Babies - I would just love that! I just had a phone call from Kai (4) "Nanna are you in? Can we come to see you please?" What do you think I said? :)

Jenn said...

the cards look fantastic Julie, I've been debating getting some for a while but have been worried about the crops...... maybe you could help me out and suggest which shots might work?

The baby bounce session sounds lovely...

enjoy your day off tomorrow xxx

photowannabe said...

Love your cards. I guess I will really have to persue them myself. Enjoy your day off. It really charges the battery.

Carmi said...

Between you and Anna, I think I need to learn more about these Moo cards. How cool is that!

Funny you should mention the BBC's flying penguins thing. As a journalist, I'm immensely bothered by how news outlets seem to think that the arrival of April 1st gives them license to play pranks with their audience.

If I wanted a laugh, I'd watch a situation comedy or go to a comedy club. I watch the news to be informed. I wish news editors and producers would wise up and leave the silliness to those whose job it is to be silly. Frankly, it erodes their credibility, and it saddens me that my profession feels it's acceptable.

Sorry for getting on the soapbox there!

Jenn said...

drop me an email julie or a PM on the corner and we'll go from there..... anything I would probably want to use will be on my Flickr pages


'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes'NL said...

Hey July this cards looks great to me, pity that the girls are away, just wishing you all the best and a creative weekend:)

Anna said...

LOVE YOUR CARDS! They look so good! You know we need to exchange our cards with each other. I think people trade them as well.

I am doing a new project...come check it out and participate! :)