Sunday, April 06, 2008

I spotted this during "getting ready" photos at a recent wedding. It made me smile...I also liked the chocolate used as a bookmark!

I was very excited to wake up and realise it had snowed over night. Phil and I went for a little drive and stopped in Delamere to take some photos. It was so beautiful out...brilliant sunshine and blue skies...but the snow melted very quickly. I hope we get some more overnight. I am like a kid when it snows...I can't stop squeaking with excitement.I LOVE the way snow transforms everything.


barman said...

Snow does wonderful things for pictures all right. Well that and ice. One of my most favorite pictures I took a long time ago was while I was driving. There was a have ice storm a few days back. I drove up to this ski resort to party with some friends (I just can't seem to ski other than cross country but parting...). This was the return trip. Now the picture was much more beautiful to the naked eye but I took my film camera and pointed it out the front windshield as I wizzed away down the road at about 70 MPH. I took aim the best I did and snapped a few pictures. The picture I got was a two lane each way separated highway with tracks to drive in as the roads were not completely recovered from the bad weather. I also had trees on both sides of the road and they were all covered in heavy ice and glistening as the ice was melting. Of course the camera did not catch that the best in the world. Then in the distance the road kind of rolled up and down lazily and then took a gentle curve to the right and out of sight. There was one other car on the road which kind of added to it. That was just a super picture. I made a poster sized print of it and simply love it.

If you want snow that come on over across the pond over to Michigan. This winter season we received over 70 inches. I get the feeling you would love it. If that is not enough we have a town that got over 100 inches of snow and if that is not enough out upper peninsula typically gates between 12 and 15 feet at least a winter season.

Can I ask one question? What is "getting ready" pictures? Just curious as I am always interesting in learning from people regardless if it is their language or maybe something in photography I do not now. If you would not mind sharing I would appreciate it.

I think I would have a problem with the bookmark. I suspect I would not get the entire book read before I had to start all over again because I would lose my place in the book.

mrsnesbitt said...

It snowed here too. In fact it is snowing right now. I have some church magazines to deliver round the village, so I am taking my camera with me. Our village is absolutely transformed by the snow.

Quiet Rage said...

Chocolate for a bookmark? What willpower! A book marker like that would last me about one chapter;)

Kerri said...

Wow CG! The shot of that book is absolutely amazing! WOW!

artisbliss said...

I love your incidental photos, like the book and the earlier one with the key on the window ledge.

We haven't had snow but we did get hail, high winds, thunder and lightning, and heavy rain last night! :-O