Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hello ducky! Another snap from Martin Mere.

I read in the paper today that petrol (gas) prices are expected to reach £6 a gallon shortly. That's $12. I am getting very worried about driving ANYWHERE. I filled up my car on Monday and it cost £55 and it isn't a huge car. That will last me just under a month of "essential" driving. Phil probably spends twice that on petrol.

In the UK 60% of our petrol cost goes straight to the government as tax. I agree that we should all drive less but public transport in this country is pretty expensive and very unreliable. Bus and train services are always being reduced. I live and work near a train station. To get to work by train would involve at least 3 changes and around a two-hour commute each way! Our wages aren't increasing as much as our fuel costs. Phil and I live equal distances from our workplaces; sadly we work in opposite directions!

With the cost of petrol spiralling, food costs increasing every week and promises that winter fuel costs will skyrocket, it's a gloomy prospect for the near furure.

Maybe some point it will be cheaper to give up work and and start claiming benefits!


Dianne said...

Your exquisite photo could be labeled 'Working Class Sitting Ducks'

I didn't realize it was as bad in the UK as it is here in the states.

A co-worker at the big-ass store told me she works more than one entire long, miserable shift just to fuel up her car.

I'm a master at juggling bills but I'm running out of ways to make a dollar stretch. It's very stressful.

Akelamalu said...

The rising cost of fuel, food and energy is very worrying CG. I drive to work a 15 minute journey but if I were to use public transport it would take me 3 buses and over an hour to get there! It's just bloody ridiculous!

Quiet Rage said...

Did somebody step on on a duck? I can relate to Dianne's tale of knowing people who work just to get to work.

photowannabe said...

Amen to that. The US is struggling with the same things, though we complain because petrol is now $4.00 US.
Terrific shot of the duck. It looks like an oil painting.

artisbliss said...

Our fuel prices are through the roof. I know you've been dealing with this for a long time, and its really come as a shock to the system for us, especially since there are things that could be done here to help, but the powers that be won't do them. Grrr.

Your ducks are gorgeous.