Sunday, May 11, 2008


...but it isn't this one! Meet the West Kirby Concourse Ducks. These two have for some strange reason decided to take up residence in the grounds of the Concourse - which is the building that houses my library, a leisure centre/pool and a doctors surgery. They can often be found sitting in puddles around the carpark and the drake is very protective of his lady. I took this snap as I was leaving work on Saturday.

And now for something truly horrible - my eye! The antibiotic drops don't seem to have had much effect so i think I'm back to the doctor's tomorrow. Isn't it a truly disgusting sight?

I have just waved goodbye to Phil who is flying up to Scotland for the last week on the Spring leg of his assignment for the Duchess and feeling a little blue! It was a very short reunion; only time for one major row and a couple of more minor skirmishes! We did enjoy a lovely BBQ yesterday as the weather is beautiful just now.

Right, I'm going to drag Sian off on a 5 mile walk :) She doesn't know it yet...!


Dina said...

Hi, that's a nasty looking eye what happened to it? i hope you are feeling better and have been enjoying the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, The eye looks most uncomfortable! Good picture though ((hugs)) xxx ch

'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

poor poor julie, kiss on your eye and I hope this 'problem' will be solved soon!!!

picperfic said...

oh you poor looks sore!