Saturday, June 07, 2008

One of the flowers growing by the pond. I love these. They are great value. Once they've bloomed once, if you cut them down they'll grow again. A good choice for Project Blue I thought!

I had a great Friday. A wasn't picking me up for the wedding until 2.20 so I spent the morning doing chores and running errands but at an enjoyable rather than frenzied blue-bottle pace. A did throw me by being 5 minutes early and I was still packing my camera bag! This unreadiness was caused by me deciding it was too hot to wear my suit and then being totally unable to decide on what I COULD wear and still look reasonably smart and professional!

The wedding was a lot of fun - well, it was for me. The ceremony was long and then we had a lengthy drive to the venue for the reception; but the countryside was very scenic and I enjoyed it. There were some very attractive people to photograph (I have discovered the people I like to photograph most are either beautiful and young or have those aged, craggy yet arresting faces - how shallow am I? I did not realise my prejudice for the beautiful/interesting until I got into wedding photography!) and I managed to get my "good" child each wedding I go to I try to get one really good picture of a child - a personal challenge and harder than you'd think!

We didn't get home until around ten, despite leaving right after the speeches, before the meal and the cake cutting!

Arriving at work this morning I was was astonished to find a continental market set up outside the library. It is rather nice and lends a pleasingly exotic air to our hideously unimpressive courtyard area. I bought olives for lunch, ate too many and am now reeking of garlic AND feeling a :(

I overheard an earnest lady telling a storeholder his array of wares should be kept in a refridgerated area and not just on trestle tables. She had an impressive number of facts and figures supporting her case but he seemed sublimely unimpressed...he kept smiling and nodding but not doing anything else. I fully expect to see the Health & Safety enforcers cart him off to jail later on.....

Speaking of H&S, I read in today's paper that council workers can refuse to empty wheelie bins if they feel they are "too heavy". This is an interesting counterpoint to a story I read on Thursday in which an elderly lady living up a country lane has been told refuse collectors will no longer be coming to her house but instead she must either wheel her bin to the end of the lane each week or carry black bags down there. This is despite her paying nearly £2000 a year for council services. Has the world gone mad or is it just England???


photowannabe said...

Beautiful feathery flower for project blue. I love the shade of it.
We have huge rolling refuse containers that need to be put out at the curb. A truck comes along and with automated prongs lifts the can and dumps it in the truck whith no human touching it. Less payroll that's for sure.
There must be something that can be done for that poor elderly woman. Crazy to be punished for being elderly.
Have a great weekend Joan.

Kerri said...

A beautiful flower! Glad the wedding went well!!!

Dianne said...

Oh goodness! It's not just England! LOL

I wouldn't know where to even begin about things in my town/in NJ/in all 50 states!

Love the flower.

Carletta said...

Somehow I've missed all your blues for Anna's projects - I have caught up and they are gorgeous!
The two blue bottles and the ceramic butterfly against the wood were favorites.

Anna said...

I want to see the wedding pics! And this one is lovely Julie! I am glad you are having fun with your favorite color! :)

picperfic said...

Hmm...mostly England I reckon! A lovely chatty post. I love to photograph children at weddings to. I religiously took photos of all the children at one wedding and made a brilliant collage of them all (well I thought it was brilliant!) and when I presented it to the bride, she didn't know half of them so that was a waste of time ha-ha! Sounds like you are really enjoying weddings now, very laid back. I find it tricky to wear comfy smart clothes the cornflowers too!

Akelamalu said...

Makes you wonder what you pay your council tax for doesn't it??????

I have cornflowers in the garden too they are pretty.

JAM said...

The flower is amazing. It looks like some sort of undersea creature.

You aren't shallow, I think of all the many thousands of great National Geographic Magazine photos I've seen in my life, and how many were a) amazing scenics, b) craggy old folk's faces up close, and c) the beautiful people from whichever area the story takes place in. You aren't alone.

Our local "sanitation engineers" never cease to amaze me by what they WILL pick up and cart away for us. We have the wheeled bins we take to the street, but they'll also pick up huge old furniture, appliances, whatever. This is the only place we've ever lived where the garbage collection exceeds expectations.