Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Today's photos are of my alliums.I photographed them in full bloom and now they are seedheads but still beautiful, I think!

I feel as if I've been really busy today yet don't have a great deal to show for it!!

I have had the urge to de-clutter and this morning tackled the infamous "kitchen drawer" - you know, the one where everyone chucks items when they can't think of anywhere else to chuck them. I think every house has one! My parents had a sideboard and the top drawer was a repository for all sorts of "stuff". It was lined with green baize and had a particular smell...I found it fascinating and loved rooting through it whenever I could.

The last time I cleared out our particular junk drawer, I filled a plastic bag with weird things that no-one would admit to owning. I put it in the garage for six months and then threw it in the bin!

So far I've cleared out my make up collection and my handbags as well as the kitchen drawer and a couple of cupboards. I'm on a roll....

Yesterday I went to see "Sex & the City" on my own. I had a great time. I absolutely loved the film. I laughed and I had tears in my eyes. Kate asked me if I'd minded being on my own. I actually LIKE going to the cinema on my own sometimes. yes, it would have been nice to go with a fellow S&TC fan, but as none of my friends have really followed the series, it was fine being on my own. I don't mind eating in restaurants alone either. Sometimes it's very liberating to be just you, by yourself, from choice.

The girls have friends round for a sleepover tonight; they have taken over the sitting room and I'm exiled to my bedroom or the study!


Dianne said...

I love your seed heads. I was just telling someone how I have a thing for plants just about to bloom or just about to fade, I find them so endearing. I often feel happier around oddities as opposed to beauty LOL

It's a bit like my preference for cloudy days - so much less pressure to be happy, which in turn makes me happy.

See! and you always think you're nuts!

Enjoy your exile, hope the girls have a grand time.

The Quiet Rage said...

De-cluttering is such a freeing feeling:)

I love black and white photos...

Kerri said...

Very unique shots! I love them!

Oh I need to do some de-cluttering too!

picperfic said...

those photos are lovely....I like going to art galleries on my own and to Costa Coffee shops with a new knitting magazine. Blow me if I didn't find someone I knew last time so I never got to read my mag! lol