Friday, August 29, 2008

Two photographs of The Crescent in Bath; both of which fail to show its beauty and symmetry - but hey, I tried!!

I just returned from having one of those necessary but undignified female tests and I also got a treat; my blood pressure was checked! I LOVE having my blood pressure checked; that feeling when the cuff tightens around your arm is the best. I always get funny looks when I say this... :)

The good news is my blood pressure is excellent which really cheered me up. It has always been on the low side but i live in fear that one day it will shoot up. However it hasn't -yet!

Apparently we are due a mini-heatwave tomorrow. The only Saturday I'm working this summer and it's going to be hot! Typical...


Akelamalu said...

I'm looking at you funny!

Good to hear your BP is good, MWM has been on tables for his BP for years!

It's supposed to be nice here today but although it's warm it's a grey sky :( Maybe tomorrow :)

Have a great weekend m'deario. x

Faye Pekas said...

Thats an amazing building. I love the sky in the top shot. Looks like its about to storm.

You are strange :) You need to get your own bp cuff and stay happy all the time.

Anna Ridley said...

I'm really glad to hear your BP is good - always nice to know! :)

Grey here too, but I'm at work all morning Saturday, so not as upset about it as I would otherwise be.

If you haven't been to my blog lately, please pop over and have a quick look - I've actually been posting again!


Dianne said...

glad that your BP is good

so does your liking the BP cuff mean you're into bondage!? just askin' ;)

the sky in the top shot is outrageous