Monday, November 17, 2008

A while back I entered a competition on Marianne's blog.

She showed us a picture of something and asked us to guess what it was. I'm a low, coarse type of person so my guess was navel fluff!! Needless to say I was incorrect but the lovely and talented M was kind enough to give me a prize for making her laugh!!

We were away for the weekend at a wedding shoot in Lincoln but when I arrived home I found a parcel. Inside, beautifully wrapped, was a card and these glorious SOCKS, made by Marianne plus some delicious chocolate and all so beautifully presented. I was chuffed to bits and THANK YOU SO MUCH, Marianne, I've lusted after a pair of your fab socks for ages and now i have some :)

The weekend was fun but tiring! We drove over to Lincoln on the Friday. I really enjoyed the new scenery and we chatted the entire time. we parked near the wonderful cathedral and bought sandwiches for lunch before heading out to Branston Hall (wedding venue). The light was perfect for taking photos of the grounds and the hall and we saw one of the most spectacular sunsets EVER. That evening after checking in to our B&B we walked into Lincoln and had a delicious Thai meal. It was lovely; just like a date!

The wedding was in some ways a real challenge but the people were great and we coped; we're working better as a team all the time I think. I am just praying the bride likes her photos. We had more groups to do this time which left less time for reportage and there were lighting issues in the hall itself but fingers crossed the pictures will be ok. It's my biggest fear - letting down the couple on their big day.

Now we have 1000 images to edit in the next two weeks!!


photowannabe said...

What could be better than a "date" with your Hubby and work that you enjoyed? It sounds like a happy time. Congratulatons on your "win" too. Really pretty socks.
Well, have a great time editing 1000 pictures.

Dianne said...

1000 photos to edit!! Wow!!

I'm sure your work is fantastic as always.

Great gift you received, the sock are lovely.

Akelamalu said...

What a lovely prize!

A Thai meal with the man you love - how romantic!

I'm sure the wedding photos will be a great success, stop worrying m'deario. x

picperfic said...

glad you liked your prize! I know that feeling of editing all those's my job to sort through and delete the excess, then Barry does any colour balancing that needs doing and then I romantic them up! Good luck!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Thanks for your recent visits to my blog which is very neglected, sorry the last few posts have been so morbid but I still can't come to terms with this kind of thing and was hoping it would engage some discussion, it appears that everyone wants to keep to themselves or pretend it isnt there and it will just go away.

I have enjoyed catching up on all your photos and love them all, the scenery is fabulous. Glad you are enjoying the weddings, I always hated shooting them LOL. I am sure the latest couple will be thrilled with their photos and look forward to seeing some of them. ((((Hugs)))) and take care.


Faye Pekas said...

I'm glad the wedding shoot went well and you had a good time. Those socks look comfy!

Kerri said...

What a fabulous surprise to come home to! I'm sure the photos will be fabulous!!