Monday, December 22, 2008

Buttermere Church

I love the days leading up to Christmas Day. Christmas Eve is probably my favourite day of the year! This year I'm lucky as my shift pattern means I have the whole of Christmas week off :) Plenty of time to savour and enjoy and prepare for the big day. Sian & I are shortly off to brave Tesco and buy the food for Christmas Day. Tonight I'm going out with the Helsby Coven for a few Christmas drinks.

This morning I paid my car tax online, then tried to pay a few more bills only to find my card blocked! As I didn't want to be stopped at the checkout in the supermarket or forced to use a credit card, I rang the bank. Apparently unusual activity on my card had activated a security block on further transactions. I'm glad I was at home next to a phone when this happened rather than standing red-faced and sweating next to the till in Tesco. I'm pleased the bank is looking after my money so carefully but I think their definition of unusual activity needs adjusting.

My joints are pretty bad right now. As well as my sprained ankle which hasn't healed yet, I have pain in both arms (yet they both hurt differently!), pain in my right hip and an aching pain in the middle joint of the middle finger on my right hand!! Plus my ever present ankle and foot pain. But my knees are ok right now - go figure! I know, I know...I'm just a wreck!


Akelamalu said...

I had my credit card refused at the checkout in Morrisons once! Oh the shame!
Luckily my bank branch is actually in Morrisons so I went and asked what was going on - it was exactly the same as happened to you. They sorted it out there and then for me so I was able to go back and pay for my shopping.

Dianne said...

glad you sorted the card out from home

hugs to all your aches and pains
my busted up ankle is not liking Christmas shopping and it really hates the ice on the ground - ever with a rubber tip the cane doesn't exactly give me traction


photowannabe said...

So glad you got the bank business straightened out. Sometimes it makes you wonder just how much control we have of our own money...
I hope the spirit of Christmas will ease your aches and pains and you can enjoy the holiday with your family and friends.

Kerri said...

Love the shot of the church!! I had the same thing happen recently with our bank. They do seem to be getting a bit overprotective...but maybe that's a good thing!

I hope your aches go away and you are pain free for Christmas!

artisbliss said...

I've had something similar happen to my card and it wasn't fun. I'm glad you got yours sorted before anything embarrassing happened.

I'm sorry you hurt. I have similar aches and pains so I know what you mean. Walking is an exercise in pain some days.

A very merry Christmas to you and your family, and wishes for a peaceful (in every way) and happy new year, my friend.

The Quiet Rage said...

YIKES! I'd make a joke about getting old, but I won't as I'm right there with you;)