Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I have had a pretty good day :) Got all my ironing done this morning and then went to the cinema with Sian. We saw "The day the earth stood still" and really enjoyed it. I always get such a buzz out of going to the movies. I was telling Sian that in the olden days" when I was younger, cinemas were smaller, the seats were covered in some scratchy red stuff and the rows were really close together. The shallow slope to the theatre also meant if someone tallish sat in front of you, your view was blocked and you then spent the entire film with your head at an angle as you peered between the shoulders in front. Oh, the joy of having found a nice seat with no-one sat in the seat in front - and the misery when some latecomer (usually six foot tall and five foot wide) plonked themselves down in it at the last moment!

I also remember queuing around the block for certain films - almost unheard of these days! When we first moved to Helsby our nearest cinema was in Warrington. We'd seldom go as often we'd drive there but be unable to park in time to make the film. When we got our multiplex cinema at the Coliseum just down the road we were thrilled!

Some things don't change - like the theme music for Pearl & Dean adverts!! That takes me right back. But I much prefer the cinema of today to the ones I remember from my youth!


Akelamalu said...

Apparently I was six weeks old the first time I went to the cinema! One of the old sort you remember. My Mum and Dad went to the cinema about 3 times a week and didn't let the fact that they had a new baby cramp their style. Dad said I was a good baby and was content to lie against his chest wrapped up, with his coat fastened round me, and sleep through the film. Apart from the night I accidently swallowed the ring from my dummy and he had to hang me upside down and belt me on the back before it shot out of my mouth! :0

photowannabe said...

Hey, i have a pile of ironing that needs to be finished.....
Good for you. I can't say I've accomplished much of anything today.
I haven't been to a movie in such a long time but your description of the theaters is perfect. I always got stuck behind the tallest person in the whole place.

Rick said...

Hello CG,

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Kerri said...

Hubby and I went to see that movie, too! I LOVED it! And we have a new cinema with the same type of "stadium" seating. IT was fabulous! The first movie we had been to in several years!

Happy New Year!!