Saturday, December 27, 2008

Today was chilly but sunny. It was REALLY cold at the stables when we were watching Sian ride!

I'm suffering a bit from post-Christmas blues. I love the build-up to Christmas so much and it's over in a flash. New Year is ok but doesn't hold the same excitement for me sadly!

Shea, one of our cats, has been off-colour the past couple of days but he seemed a little better today - able to tackle a few morsels of turkey!

We've been talking about New Year resolutions in our house. Kate and I are giving up crisps and planning on taking more exercise. Sian and I are giving up trying to make everyone like us - Sian is also going to eat less (yeah, right!) Phil reckons he's pretty perfect as he is :)


Kerri said...

Wishing you a belated Merry Christmas! Sounds like you had a very nice one!!

Your last three shots have been absolutely gorgeous!

My New Years Resolutions:
Make every moment count!

I'm so glad you're my blogging friend!! I appreciate all of your nice comments and always look forward to reading your posts :)

Akelamalu said...

I love Christmas but I also love Year Year's Eve too. We we be out bopping until the early hours then sleep in late on New Year's Day. Then MWM and I go out to dine at our favourite local Chinese Restaurant - bliss!

New Year's Resolution? Probably the same as last year - to lose weight - I failed miserably in 2008 so I will have to make a determined effort. :(

Dianne said...

I'm suffering from a bit of the same. plus I really don't like New Years - way too much hoopla and pressure

and reflection is not always a good thing! lol

I like the resolution to not try to make everyone like you

remember the old song
"you can't please everyone
so you got to please yourself"

love the color and light in the photo

hugs to Shea

Scriptor Senex said...

Well done, Phil! How good it is to find someone else who's perfect and doesn't need to make resolutions. I can't understand why my wife doesn't just accept that I'm perfect and stop trying to get me to make resoultions.

artisbliss said...

That photo is gorgeous.

My New Year's resolution (or one of them) is to use up the art supplies I already own before I go buy more. Wonder how long that will last.

So glad to hear you're married to the perfect man! :-)

photowannabe said...

Its so hard to keep New Years resolutions. I hope you are more successful than I am.....
Hope Kitty feels better soon.

Akelamalu said...

I thought I left a comment here yesterday? :0

Anyway just popped back to say there's a little something for you over at mine m'deario. xx