Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Along with the duck/buddha image and a couple of others, this photo has been entered in the latest Photography Club competition.

I've had a lovely day - a bit of a lie in and the chance to finish my book, some baking and cooking, then I took my neighbour's dog for a walk. Afternoon was RDA. The sun shone the whole time we were out with the horses; it was glorious.

I've been offered two wedding bookings from A which is both exciting and terrifying in equal measure. I'm longing for the day that I don't get so bloody TERRIFIED doing weddings. I suppose the answer is to do more until I get immune to the fear?

It's SO COLD; I'm shivering as I type this! Time for a nice hot shower i think!


Akelamalu said...

That's great that you've been offered the weddings! I would imagine you will always feel nervous as you want to do a great job, but perhaps the nerves will ease as you get more experience. :)

Love the photo.

Scriptor Senex said...

Sorry but the day you get immune to the fear is the day you get careless and bored.... At least that's my experience in other spheres of life. The answer is to get the 'fear' down to the level where it is a spine-tingling thrill without it paralysing you. Don't ask me how - I guess you answered that yourself - practice. Good luck.

Dianne said...

another beautiful shot - especially with the color of the leaf and the snow

maybe you could think of the terror in a different way - I've seen so many interviews where artists talk about the terror they experience before they create. Jerry Seinfeld gets ill before going on stage. Barbra Streisand nearly faints from fear. Many actors talk about first day on the set jitters. Writers fear the blank page. A new canvas makes a painter want to run the other way.

Photographers - YOU - are artists so the terror is simply part of your creative process.

Kerri said...

Oh, what a fabulous image! I hope you win!!
Congrats on the getting the weddings!! I'm sure you will be FANTASTIC!!