Friday, February 20, 2009

Track day at Oulton Park

On Wednesday I went along to a track day at Oulton Park in Cheshire with my photography boss Andy and his family. His two sons race Porsches (the eldest won a championship last season!) I've always wondered what it would be like to drive around a race track really fast and this was my chance!

The race car doesn't have a passenger seat so Andy drove me round the course in his own Porsche. I had to wear a helmet: I felt like one of the Homepride flour sifter guys with that on my head. I was totally TERRIFIED before we set off; I was scared I'd be sick or scream or otherwise disgrace myself. Anyway, I totally LOVED it, it was really exciting.

I'm photographing the wedding of one of the other drivers on Easter Saturday (Adam) - his fab car is the one at the bottom of this post.

Andy's two sons with the race car.

Gorgeous black car!

Car on the track...

Cool blue Porsche

Adam's car

What a fantastic day I had - huge thanks to Andy, Marie and their sons. And to Sian who came too and took MUCH better photos of moving cars than I did!


photowannabe said...

Wow Julie, you were so lucky. that sounds like a total fun thing to do.
Pictures are great too.

Dianne said...


the black car is like art

Kerri said...

Sounds like a FUN day at the track!!