Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter cactus

I have been feeling exceedingly negative lately and have stayed away from my blog as I was reluctant to put my feelings into words on the screen!

Things aren't bad - it's just that sometimes there is a very small difference between things being really great and things being NOT great. How can I explain...if only I could just make a few very minor tweaks I'd be really happy instead of hovering on the edge of gloom!

What I try to do when negativity strikes is count my blessings and of course I realise I am VERY blessed!

I am absolutely overwhelmed by the beautiful spring weather we've been enjoying lately; the countryside is breathtaking and even my own garden is bursting forth in satisfactory fashion.

This eveningI planted some onion sets.

My dear mother in law is due to have major surgery on Thursday. This is a risky process because of certain medical issues she has. I love her to bits; since my own mum died she's been the most wonderful friend, adviser and mother-figure anyone could wish for. Please send her your prayers and positive thoughts this week if you can - she is such a brave and special woman.


Scriptor Senex said...

Thinking of your Mother-in-law and sending lots of positive thoughts.
Hope all the little things right themselves and you begin to have a great year.

Dianne said...

I have missed your beautiful photos, so happy to see a new one

add that to your list of blessings - your talent makes others happy

I am thinking of your Mother-In-Law and wishing all good things

photowannabe said...

My prayers go up for your Mother in law too. Its wonderful to have a MIL that is such a wonderful friend.
Keepthinking good thoughts and looking at God's creation. Its good for the soul.

Akelamalu said...

I'm sending oodles of Reiki to your MIL I hope her op goes well. Try to think of your glass as being full - it works for me when things aren't too great.