Monday, May 11, 2009

"I'm lovin' it"

We went to Liverpool on 2nd May to celebrate Phil's birthday; walking along a street near Exchange flags Phil and I suddenly noticed this very determined seagull with his MacDonald's bag. He kept pausing to try to get inside it and shortly after this photo was taken he managed to get the fries to spill out and he started tucking in! Maybe he could replace that awful clown Ronald as the face of MacDonald's, I think he has much more charisma.

I'm a very fed up person today as I've just been screamed at by one of my (not immediate) neighbours. My crime was to have the huge hawethorn hedge in my back garden trimmed. Apparently I have cut down all the little birds' nests! This was screamed at me out of a bedroom window, along with "I'm ringing the RSPB". In my defence I'd like to say that only around 3 feet of long straggling growth was removed from the top of my VERY TALL hedge and one end has been allowed to grow to tree height, I can see clearly into the top of my hedge from my bedroom window and the birds never nest at the top but somewhat lower down in the really thick growth that is STILL THERE! The man who trims my hedge told me if he saw a nest he would stop cutting at once.

I feel like I can't win. I have been told by other neighbours that I should get rid of the hedge and replace it with a neat fence. Last time I had it trimmed some other people got angry because a few clippings had fallen into their garden unbeknownst to me and instead of letting me know in a reasonable way I was shrieked at and the clippings hurled over into my garden! One of the reasons I keep my hedge is I know it's important for the local bird life.

Why do people behave like this? In our road we have dogs barking first thing in the morning and last thing at night, security lights that flood our bedrooms with light bright enough to read by whenever a prowling cat or fox sets them off, car parking that is inconvenient to say the least - but I don't go round screaming at people because I believe that minor inconveniences are not worth falling out with people about. If something does really annoy me I'll go and have a quiet word.

We do our best to be considerate and tolerant people. I'm starting to think we are in the minority. Lately it seems that so many people are always on the brink of anger. Their first impulse is to go for the (metaphorical) jugular! i see this a lot at work and I work in a library, for heaven's sake - what must it be like to be a social worker, ER nurse etc?

So this beautiful, sunny morning has been wrecked for me; I've had horrible, sick, churning feelings in my stomach because I hate confrontations and I'll admit it, I HATE being yelled at. I don't want to see this person again but it's a neighbour; unless I stop going out I'm bound to bump into them.

I found this link on a friend's blog and it went a long way towards rescuing me from conflict-induced gloom! It's a beautiful song/video, I urge anyone who reads this to take a look.


Akelamalu said...

Sorry to hear this. It's horrible when you have neighbours like that - we have too. :(

I keep out of their way and only speak to them when they speak to me. Sad but the only way I know to keep my sanity.

Clarkey said...

Poor you, there's nothing worse than neighbours having a go at you. Been there, had that happen and eventually moved house. Thank you so much for putting the link on to the video. I'm very touched X

Dianne said...

far too many people don't know how to express themselves - add to that all the people who need remedial anger management and well - the kettle boils over

I am getting better and better at numbing myself to the flaws of others - it's about them, not me

You know the birds are OK and you know you're a good person - screw the rubbish next door ;)

love the photo and the caption is priceless

The Quiet Rage said...

You know what you can tell your neighbors...... Sit on a corn cob and ROTATE!

The picture of the seagull cracked me up. Now we will have obese birds that can't fly from being they are too FAT from McDonald's fries;)

Scriptor Senex said...

As one who dislikes conflict and disharmony I know how upsetting it must have been for you. I am fortunate in my neighbours and would hate to have people yelling at me. I'd like to blame the pressure of modern living for so many people reacting violently but I know what it was like working in libraries in the 1960s and it was no different then!
an't even just suggest you 'forget it' and do your own thing because what these people often don't realise is how long-lasting the effect can be on someone who is sensitive. They seem to be able to shout one minute and then shrug it off and be back to 'normal' in a moment. The only consolation I can offer is to let you know you are not alone in wanting to live in peace and harmony.

cheshire wife said...

Join the club. We have had more problems with the neighbour's barking dog and are wondering why it always seems to happen to us. I try to avoid the inconsiderate neighbours and only speak if I have to, which probably doesn't make things any better, but we are so annoyed with them. I know how you feel but try not to let it get you down.

Thank you for your recent comments on my blog.