Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Top of the class!

I am very pleased to report that Sian got top marks in her French exam! She's very chuffed with herself and I am very proud of her! This photo was taken at the U-Boat Exhibit at Woodside and the strange background is a plan of the u-boat. I'm kicking myself for not using a bit of fill in flash on this pic..

What a day! Work was pretty busy and since I got home I made a cake and cut the lawn and did some other gardening as well as ironing, dish washing and general tidying. I have so much to do before New York and am not at all sure how I'm going to get through it all. My bloody arm is aching like crazy (don't think it liked me using the lawnmower or the strimmer!) and stupidly I forgot to get my new prescription filled. At least the doctor did not fob me off with "it's probably a virus" or "are you depressed?" He has suggested I try new anti-inflammatories for a month and see how things go! Hurray! About twelve years since I first went to a doctor with joint pains and this is the very first time I've been offered any actual treatment.

I am so excited to see my veggies are growing! Tonight I planted a few spring onions. The first crop of salad leaves are almost ready to cut :) I can't wait to see the runner beans climb up my carefully constructed bamboo teepee!

I am going to meet the couple whose wedding I'm photographing on June 6th tomorrow night. I hope they like me.

I am quite looking forward to the plane journey to NYC as I get to sit and relax for seven hours which will be quite a treat. We have made an Excel spreadsheet (geeky, hey?) of places to go/things to do/times and days to do them on. It will be weird flying into Newark as we've always come via JFK before. I am so excited to be returning to New York. Right from my very first visit, it's felt like home, maybe because it reminds me a lot of Liverpool. It's the first time I'll be looking at it through my camera lens, however.

One of my favourite memories of New York is from my last visit. We were staying in an apartment on MAdison Avenue. On our last morning we emerged to find a seven-foot tall blue inflatable gorrilla tethered just outside the entrance. There was nothing to indicate why it was there. The street was crowded with people heading off to work. What made me laugh was that non of the commuters even glanced at the gorilla as they hurried past. It was as if seven foot plastic gorrillas on the sidewalk were nothing unusual for them, or they were just too cool to acknowledge it!


photowannabe said...

You have an absolutely gorgeous daughter Julie. I love the casual sweet happy face. Congratulations on her school accomplishments.
I'm so jealous about your trip to NY. Can I sneak in your suitcase? Have fun but don't put your self into a tizzy. Happy to hear that you are finally getting a real treatment...12 years???My goodness that's about 11 years ..12 months too long!

The Quiet Rage said...

Sian is sooooo BEAUTIFUL! I showed D her picture and she also agreed! She looks just like her mommy:)

Dianne said...

congrats to the scholar!

plastic gorillas you say!? a dime a dozen on the streets of NY ;)

Akelamalu said...

Well done to Sian!

Sorry to hear you're having joint pain - I know the feeling. Sound like your doctor is finally taking some notice and giving you some treatment - I hope it works. I take Indomethacin. I started taking it when my knee started being torturous in about 1980, now my knees mended I need it for the arthritis in my fingers! :(

Hope the meeting with your client goes well. :)