Monday, June 08, 2009

Our Tuesday in New York was supposed to be the day we met up with Dianne from Forks Off The Moment but sadly that was not to be - next time, I hope, Dianne! Instead we decided to go to the "Top of the Rock" and we really enjoyed it! It was very quiet compared to the Empire State Building and had great views. It's nice that they use perspex rather than wire mesh so the views are uninterrupted.

After we came down, we visited Magnolia Bakery for a delicious cupcake each - yum! We really enjoyed them. Afterwards we spotted two mounted police officers and went over to say hello and get a photo of Sian with them. We were surprised how small the horses are compared to the ones you see in the UK.

We went to Chelsea and the Empire Diner for lunch; Phil and I had been there on our last trip and really liked it and wanted to share it with the girls. After a short wait we got a table and our food was superb; it was probably my favourite meal of the trip!

After that we headed back to 5th Avenue and stopped off at Tiffany's. I wasn't intending to buy anything but on the 3rd Floor (Phil calls it the "cheap floor" as it's the only floor we ever buy anything on!) I was seduced by some lovely silver tiffany rings. I bought the girls one each and one for myself as a memento of our wonderful trip. In the elevator going down, the operator serendaded Kate with "It's now or never" in a beautiful voice, gazing straight into her eyes - I laughed so hard my FEET were sweating!!

We made a brief stop at FAO Schwarz so Sian could play on the big piano and then wandered up to Columbus Circle. We went into a Borders store there as Kate wanted to check out a friend's theory that Borders stores smell the same all over the world! There were some VERY interesting statues of a naked man and a naked woman in the foyer - hmmm!

That evening we went to City Field to see the Mets; it was a damp evening but we had a great time; despite poor Kate having to stand for what felt like hours in the queue for my nachos! The new stadium is very impressive and we didn't miss Shea stadium TOO much. i wonder if we should rename our cat Shea "City Field"? Maybe not...Anyway, the Mets won!

Our last day we had promised to dedicate to shopping; we headed first to Abercrombie & Fitch, Mecca for Kate. The store is quite an experience, very dark and full of staff who look like models and dance to the pounding music played continually. After Abercrombie we headed towards American Eagle stopping off for another Magnolia Cupcake & coffee; on the way I noticed a jeweller's selling Pandora stuff. Almost before I knew what was happening we had been sold a safety chain for my bracelet plus a charm to commemorate my visit - I chose a cupcake to symbolise Magnolia Bakery!

Kate shopped like mad at American Eagle; I sat in a chair while she piled stuff on top of me! Then it was time to head back to the Upper West Side where we had lunch at Cosi. We took the airport shuttle back to Newark and our trip was over. It was a wonderful holiday and I'll never forget it!

I miss New York!

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