Sunday, July 26, 2009

Phil has a small selection of photos on sale at the Grosvenor Garden Centre and we went along to have a look at the display. Here's a snap of a proud Kate standing next to her dad's work!

My sister in law and her twin daughters are visiting from New Zealand. They certainly picked a bad time for weather as it's actually warmer in Auckland (it's winter there!) than it is here in north-west England at the moment. I think they've really enjoyed their holiday despite the showers. On Friday we had a lovely trip out to Speke Hall

In this photo are my nieces, my sister in law, my mother in law and Kate. I will really miss H, R & S when they go home. NZ is so far away!

Yesterday we went to my other sister in law's home for a farewell party for the visitors. Here's a photo of my father in law just after blowing out his birthday cake candles.


Akelamalu said...

You must be so proud of Phil. I biggified the picture so I could get a better look at the photos - I particularly like the one of the hay bales.

It's years since I've been to Speke Hall, it's a lovely building isn't it?

Scriptor Senex said...

My brother is currently in the UK where he spends 'summer' and has already booked his flight back to NZ for the summer there. He too is getting reports from all his NZ friends of warmer weather there than here!